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Computers and Technology

Learn Meaning of Different Social Media Mascots

We have seen different types of mascots on social media platforms, do you know the meaning of mascots why businesses use this? Lets know the Learn Meaning of Different Social Media Mascots.

Well, if we research it, we can find that mascots are an old and popular branding strategy that many established international brands have followed and increased their brand value.  When we hear the cold drink company “7up”, we can remember a black border thin and tall figure of a boy promoting the company name. 

This is a mascot. A cartoon kind of figure that is used for marketing, branding as well as advertising. Nowadays, many companies use this strategy on social media platforms too. Afterall, social media platforms are the marketplace.

What Is A Mascot? 

Before we jump into the meaning of social media Mascot, let’s take a look at what the mascot is. And how it takes up important space in marketing. Simply, the mascot is a fictional character inspired by a real story. Which social media app has a ghost as its mascot? If you know, then give the answer in the comment box; if not, then click on the ghost word. 

It is a very simple concept when a company creates a character to represent the symbol of the brand values. So, it can be said that it is a symbolic feature that has the ability to increase brand value. You may think that it is a very easy process at this time. As we said, Mascot is an old process to promote branding. 

Mickey Mouse was the first mascot that was used to promote multiple products. Later, in 1882, the Quaker Oats man was the first mascot that was created only for a particular company. 

Importance Of Mascots

Before learning the meaning of different social media mascots, traditionally, mascots are animated characters that we all understand. And, it is associated with brand promotion. And every company should have a specific mascot. No one can use another mascot figure. In this case, it works like a branding logo. 

According to branding experts, “companies should choose a character that can be made relatable to their offering, for their mascot. The ideal character will be the driving force that will help your marketing campaigns see success.”

On this note, the selection of the right mascot plays a significant role. Plus, make sure that you will not change the figure of your company mascot. The ideal character has the capability to drive the brand value rapidly. 

In this social media era , company mascots have individual social media handles. It has been seen that audiences get more connected with mascots and follow them just like another social media handle. 

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Different Social Media Mascots

Learn the meaning of different social media mascots– where we have listed five social media mascots and all the facts. Scroll down. 

  • Julius Pringles

Julius Pringles is the symbol of the snack company. Worldwide, people can recognize this mascot. It has completed 40 years to be in the market. You may be amazed that it has 26 million fans on Facebook. 

The reason behind this is Pringles combined with all the geo-targeted pages. You may now understand this mascot has increased the sales of the company’s products because it increased popularity. 

  • Quaker Oats Guy 

First mascot in the world. It was launched in 1882. We all may be familiar with this mascot because it is the Oats brand mascot, most probably taking place in your kitchen. This mascot has over 1.1 million fans on FaceBook. 

It has been found that the company has used Quaker Oats Guy on 3 out of 10 posts. 

  • Flo the Progressive Girl

This is another mascot who has 5.3 million followers on her own social media page. It has around 190,000 fans. The insurance company’s mascot that has this number of followers. It has been seen that insurance companies take this strategy seriously, and they invest money in it. 

 This mascot recently added  22,000  fans. Plus, Flo runs a YouTube channel where she has 7,000 subscribers. She has uploaded more than 230 videos on YouTube. 

  • Aflac Duck 

This cute social media mascot has a different personality. It has 440,000 fans, with 2.2% growth. While we have been doing research on it, we understand that every company has enhanced its business after launching mascots on social media platforms. 

The most interesting thing is that the company opened individual social media pages just like other human beings. Aflac Duck has a YouTube channel where it has 3,000 subscribers and received 6.3 million views on 272 uploads. 

  • M&M Spokescandies

These are the lovable Mascot characters who have more than 10.1 million followers on Facebook. It is the most successful brand which has brand mascot franchises on social media platforms. 

Some of these mascots become celebrities. So, this is the advantage of the mascot that companies get and enhance their business process. 

Bottom Line

These are the most popular mascots on social media platforms. However, it is an old and popular concept that is successfully followed by every company. Hopefully, this “Learn meaning of different social media mascots” article has been able to meet your queries. If you wish to add more to this list, please mention it in the comment section.

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