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Luggage Scanner – How does It Work and What can It See?

Security checks like scanning persons and luggage/baggage have made travel more secure and safer. Through security checks, security personnel can stop a person from entering railway stations or airport lounges and take the luggage if the person or their luggage has suspicious/illegal items. 

How does a luggage scanner work?

A person carrying a handbag, trolley bag, box, or package needs to place their item at the belt connected with a luggage scanner system. The system releases an x-ray that goes through from one side to another side of a luggage/package. Through the x-rays, the system detects each item placed in the baggage, except metals. 

When the x-ray detects metals or weapons, security personnel stop the luggage owner and request him/her to open the luggage. After that, security guards seize the metals, weapons, and illegal items if found and arrest the person to stop him/her from traveling. With this, other travelers are kept safe and protected during their travels.

What can a luggage scanner see?

Baggage scanners can click clear and detailed images of the things placed inside luggage or package. They can detect both metallic and non-metallic objects, along with organic materials. It means you can’t carry banned or illegal items in your suitcase or any type of luggage.   

Luggage scanners mainly rely on x-rays that go through the surface of your package, trolley bag, or baggage to take clear pictures of whatever you have placed inside it. Security personnel is trained enough to do calculation of the density of each object and detect suspicious items. They do not guess every item. However, they can ask you to open your baggage if they detect suspicious objects.    

What should you do for safer and smooth travel?

No one is going to interrupt you in your travel if you are an ideal citizen and do not carry any suspicious items. You should have a sound idea about what is legal and what is illegal in your province or country. While packing your luggage, ensure you haven’t put any weapons or banned items in your baggage. 

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Suppose that you want to carry a small knife to peel fruits before eating on your trip. You can carry it if it is not in the list of banned items. And you need to explain why you are carrying it if a security officer detects it and stops you from traveling.  

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A luggage scanner, whether it is installed at an airport, railway station, or bus terminal, is highly effective for security surveillance. It facilitates security guards to detect illegal or banned items to make your travel more secure, convenient, and safe for you.   

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