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Make a Stunning Book Cover Design: 6 Easy Steps

If you’re heading to a job interview or seeing someone for the first time, you want to look your best, right? We all want to make a good first impression, therefore we do it for the same reason. This principle may be applied to a variety of topics, but it is especially relevant to authors. To leave a lasting impression on potential readers, a writer must consider two crucial factors: an engaging summary and a captivating book cover design.

Because it’s a part of the writing process, producing a strong summary will most likely come effortlessly to you. However, no matter how compelling your tale is, if your book isn’t noticed in the first place, it won’t help. The ideal book cover design will entice readers, offer them a taste of your work, and pique their interest in reading more.

Do you want to know how to make the Stunning cover for your next book? Then continue reading.

Is It Really That Important To Have A Good Book Cover Design?

The value of a good cover cannot be overstated. In this case, the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply. Many excellent works of literature are neglected, not because they do not appeal to a big audience, but because they simply do not attract the attention of readers.

For starters, a well-designed book cover design will attract the reader’s attention and express the tale you’re attempting to tell without requiring them to read a single word. Second, it draws the correct sort of readership to your article. Finally, it teaches the readers more about you as a writer so that they may relate to you and your work to some extent.

So, once you’ve finished writing your text, start thinking about your cover. Rely on others if you’re not sure about your artistic ability. You may employ amazing artists or publishing houses to design your book covers. Rest assured, this isn’t an investment you’ll look back on after your book has been released.

Without further ado, let’s get started on the steps you’ll need to do to create the perfect book cover.

1. Organize your Ideas

This is the most important and time-consuming phase in the process. It’s the same as writing a book: you’ll need to gather your thoughts, seek inspiration from various sources, and produce a number of draughts before settling on the ideal sample.

It won’t be tough to come up with ideas because you’ll have already finished writing your book and know exactly what the plot is about. All you have to do now is hunt for samples of covers that are comparable to your narrative for inspiration. Enter the genre of your book and you’ll be given hundreds of image and font suggestions

The internet isn’t the sole source of information. You may go to a bookshop and browse for books in the same genre as yours, paying close attention to the covers.

2. Don’t deceive your readers!

“Clickbait” is a phrase that refers to videos on YouTube that contain deceptive names or thumbnails in order to persuade viewers to watch the video. Clickbait can also be seen on book covers.

Let’s imagine you placed a number of legendary animals on the cover design of your book, but your tale doesn’t contain any of them. They may be popular in a variety of fandoms, but you risk duping people into reading a book that has nothing of interest to them.

Avoid employing items on your cover unless they are a part of your work or are emblematic of your storyline in some manner. Readers who are dissatisfied with your book may and will submit bad book reviews, which is the last thing you want. Remember to be true to your genre and plot. For the purpose of marketing, don’t try to utilize popular components on your cover.

3. Use Right Software

It’s time to start creating when you’ve finished clicking photographs and collected your thoughts in one spot. Graphic design, or the design process in general, is arduous work that necessitates the use of the appropriate software.

Consider utilizing the software Procreate if you’re conducting your design work on your iPad. Many artists use this app to share their work on Instagram, Tumblr, and Deviantart. It allows you a lot of creative flexibility; there are a number of brushes to select from (the calligraphy brushes allow you to custom construct your own font) and a lot of other features that make editing a snap.

A graphics tablet plus Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Clip Studio will suffice for PC users. Before you begin, you might consider viewing some cover design lessons.

You may also use Canva, which is a highly popular program. This is a term that is frequently used in professional settings (alongside photoshop and illustrator). Among the various programs listed, this one is also the easiest to use. Use whatever method feels most natural to you.

4. Using the Proper Dimensions

The size of the canvas you use will be determined by where you plan to publish your book. Make sure you use the proper measurements when creating your book cover design.

When you create a new file in the applications listed, you may quickly set the canvas dimensions. If you don’t see the proportions you want, you can always manually input them to make a bespoke canvas. If you don’t know how to access the dimension settings, you might want to look at some tutorials.

5. Commission Artists And Designers

Why not engage artists and designers to do it for you if you’re having trouble producing decent results? Good artists may always be found on Famous book publishers websites, Tumblr, Instagram, and Deviantart.

Fiverr is also a good location to look for talented designers. There are other organizations that specialize in studying your books and creating the greatest possible cover for them. Conducting comprehensive research can assist you in locating someone trustworthy to complete the t ask.

6. Finally, take your time.

It takes a long time and a lot of trial and error to create a cover design. You’ll have to check through not just your own designs, but also the designs of those you’ve commissioned during the process. Allow time to pass and be patient. Eventually, one of the designs will strike a chord with you and the story you’re attempting to convey. Good luck, and we hope you found this advice useful!

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