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Mobile Learning: The Future of Education!

How many of you open books when a question arises in your mind to find the answer? Would you prefer to turn thousands of pages for a single answer to a question? Or would you directly search for the answer on the internet through a single click that is mobile learning?

Gone are the days of thick books. Technology has created its place in every field. So why can’t it take place in the education field? Mobile learning or M-learning is the digital way of learning. Anyone can learn or consume any content via the internet on smartphones, laptops, etc, from anywhere, anytime. It is a revolutionary change in the education industry. A report says that the mobile learning market will hit over US 78.5 billion by 2025. 

Some Statistics You Must Consider To Explore Mobile Learning Importance

The following stats prove that mobile learning is going to be the core component in the educational field:

  • 64% of learners access content for learning through their smartphones.
  • As compared to non-mobile users, 43% of learners believed that M-learning improved productivity levels.
  • 89% of users download apps via mobiles, out of which 50% are for learning purposes.
  • 46% of learners use mobiles for learning before going to bed to sleep.
  • 33% of higher education prefer to continue their online courses after the pandemic.
  • Less than 50% of professors find m-learning more effective than in-classroom instructions.
  • 71% of professors would like to increase engagement in online classes.
  • 42% of college students prefer to do online education.
  • Online learners retain 25% to 60% more information than they did 8% to 10% when in the classroom.

Reasons to Adopt Mobile Learning in Education

In recent years, mobile learning has grown exponentially. The dependency on the technology of humans is increasing day by day. A study by Forbes in 2017, states that 87% of higher education institutions in Canada and the U.S. use  E-Learning platforms. That’s why you should hire a E-learning development company for your education business growth.

Here are some reasons why you should adopt mobile learning in education:

  • Flexibility

Mobile learning is so effective due to its high flexibility as it allows users to choose when they want to schedule modules or lessons. They can do their lessons from anywhere in the world. So, it is the best platform for learning for students.

  • Micro E-learning

You can learn in smaller steps which goes hand-in-hand with traditional e-learning. It provides short-term lessons, projects, or coursework that are designed to provide the student with ‘bits’ of information. That is why quality mobile app development services are required.

  • Personalization

In the classroom, you have to control each student at the same pace at a fixed time, which becomes difficult. But with mobile learning, every student can be controlled at any place where they are comfortable.

  • Cost-Effective

Mobile learning is a cost-effective method as you can reuse and leverage the existing content, whereas, for the classroom, an instructor is needed. The expense of hiring instructors can be reduced. Also via mobile learning, explore benefits of B2B outreach for eCommerce.

  • Engagement

With mobile learning, students get to watch compelling educational videos, which keep them engaged and help them retain more knowledge. According to a report by Science Research Network, over 65% of people are visual learners.

  • Versatility

Mobile learning is versatile as you can draw a wide selection of available templates to choose from according to your requirements and that best fits your needs.


On the whole, mobile learning makes it possible to offer interaction in real-time that allows students to obtain immediate information or feedback. It makes a positive impact on the learning experience and shows that students are highly receptive to utilizing a new technology.

Students can research topics on the internet, use educational apps, communicate, and can be problem solvers too. Mobile learning allows you to access learning materials anywhere, anytime through mobile apps, social interactions, and online educational hubs. If you need to develop a app for your college or school, then you can hire the best mobile app development company.

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