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Move-to-Earn Apps Trending in 2023

Move-to-Earn Apps: Users compensate for the information they produce through normal activity, such as walking or running. Data privacy is in the hands of the users. Businesses frequently incentivize customers to share their data through discounts and benefits, such as free merchandise or points toward a fitness goal.

Users can also compete with one another for prizes, creating gamification for fitness not dissimilar to that of step-tracking technology but with tangible benefits beyond fitness.

Tamadoge – Top move-to-earn Crypto Project

There is a new and intriguing cryptocurrency in the works, and it’s called Tamadoge. In its project plan, the developers have included support for M2E transactions. It’s no secret that Tamadoge is one of the top play-to-earn blockchain-based games because of its opportunity to earn TAMA, the native cryptocurrency while playing the game.

You can buy Tamadoge, non-fungible tokens representing a different digital dog for TAMA. These NFTs and various other fictitious goods are for sale in the Tama shop. Players in a monthly leaderboard competition for TAMA can use these NFTs.

As stated in the Tamadoge whitepaper, the cryptocurrency would introduce a “move to earn” feature as an augmented reality software. Players will reward for taking their augmented reality Tamadoge pups for walks, and the app will maintain the same P2E dynamics as the web-based game.

By the end of the year 2023, this platform component should be available. There will be a total of 2 billion tokens in circulation, and for every 1 TAMA spent on the ecosystem, 5 TAMA will destroy. This will aid in protecting the token’s worth over time.

When the dust settled on its ICO round in 2022, Tamadoge had raised $19 million, making it one of the most successful cryptocurrency presales of the year. By the end of this period, the token has risen in value from $0.01 to $0.03. While the presale provided access to 50% of the token supply, the remaining 20% has been set aside for use on both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) markets in the future (DEXs).

Satoshi Green Token (GST)

GST gains by all players and is more commonly viewed as the game’s basic in-game currency, utility token, and rewards token, while GMT is earned solely by players at a high level in the game app.

Green Satoshi Token (GST) is an inflationary currency because its quantity does not cap. It could be a better investment than GMT, which may gain in value more as a reflection of the app’s success and be able to keep its worth because users typically pay it in for real money as soon as they earn it.


STEPN is a leading mobile app for making money on the road. To function, STEPN makes use of the Solana blockchain. To make money using STEPN, you’ll need to put on a pair of Sneaker NFTs and get moving. Jogging, running, or walking can all be profitable ways to use our site to earn an income.

How much and how fast users can earn in-app tokens depends on the price of the NFTs, which in turn depends on the types, levels, and quality of the NFTs. Inevitably, the profit potential for shoes with a higher price tag is higher.

STEPN primarily operates on GST and GMT cryptocurrencies. Green Satoshi Coins, the native utility tokens, is how users reward for their participation (GST). In addition, it can use to restore, resole, and “mint” sneakers.

Once a STEPN user’s GPS-tracked outside activities begin, they will start earning cryptocurrency. Users of even the most entry-level NFT footwear can make five minutes for every mile walked or run, or five GBP.


Sweatcoin, a popular platform for “move to earn” games, aims to encourage healthier lifestyles. The company’s collaboration with healthcare providers, most notably the NHS in the United Kingdom, demonstrates that it is motivated by more than just profit in its endeavors.

In April, SWEAT, the native token, was released on the Near blockchain. The Sweatcoin app is now required for users to keep track of their activity.

Sweatcoin introduced the SWEAT token as a means of rewarding users for engaging in healthy behaviors. Since there is no prerequisite for starting capital, users can start making money immediately after installing the app and opening an account.

It’s possible to earn more daily by upgrading to a premium membership, granting access to a better marketplace and a higher rate of sweatcoin generation.

Challenge Infinity on the M2E Metaverse Platform for Battle

Another recent P2E company, Battle Infinity (IBAT), uses blockchain technology to implement in-game prizes on its decentralized platform.

Battle Arena, a metaverse ecosystem where participants may participate in events and concerts using VR headsets, is the primary P2E element of this coin. As a result, the platform intends to incorporate M2E crypto components into its ecosystem.

Battle Infinity’s NFT marketplace, Battle Market, uses ERC 721 smart contacts to mint all metaverse virtual items and characters as NFT. Additionally, after obtaining NFT passes, gamers can join the IBAT Premier League, a decentralized sports fantasy league.

Users can use the best NFTs available for purchase here to take part in competitions and create their unique 3D characters.

WIRTUAL – Exercise to earn game

WIRTUAL is a fitness-oriented social network that will serve as a pilot program for simulated fitness competitions beginning in April 2020. It launched version 2.0 this year, which included support for cryptocurrency, NFT avatars, and a tracking system compatible with smartwatches like Strava, Garmin, and Fitbit.

Users are paid in WIRTUAL for recording and reporting their exercise levels. Activities like running, walking, swimming, dancing, and cycling are part of the physical routine. Users are represented in NFT by animated avatars, which can customize through various means. Avatar customization grants customers entry to premium content and virtual limited-edition clothing. Furthermore, the NFT marketplace lets users make money from selling their avatars.

There will be a total of 20,000,000 WIRTUAL coins awarded each year. Based on their fitness metrics, users receive a payout. By default, new users receive up to 0.1 WIRTUAL, and as they progress through the seven holder levels, they become eligible for extra coins. Additionally, the NFT attire allows for multiple daily report submissions. This improves their odds of receiving the largest possible reward.

Dotmoovs: The First Sports-Themed M2E Cryptocurrency

Dotmoovs is an AI-powered sports tech startup that uses proprietary algorithms to track human motion. A player’s skill does determine by the location and movement of their limbs, followed by the platform’s arbitration engine.

Peer-to-peer competitions are available on the platform, and the network uses NFTs and their cryptocurrency (MOOV). Players can gain MOOV tokens once the AI has identified their numerous sports-related techniques and skills.

Tokens, minted as NFTs, can be gained by competing in in-game activities like dance and soccer tournaments and then spent on in-game merchandise and avatar updates.

The app also features an NFT market where users can buy and sell digital goods like soccer balls, footwear, and other sports equipment. With a total supply of 1 billion MOOV tokens, roughly half are currently available on the market. The price per MOOV coin currently stands at $0.006.

Earning Money on Genopets by Doing Other Things

Genopets is a well-known game where players can earn money by making moves. Genopets is an RPG that combines elements from Tamagotchi digital pet games with those of Pokémon Go battle games. The system gathers data on a player’s actual bodily motions via a wearable or mobile device to chart their development in Genovese, a virtual metaverse.

A participant in the Genovese can adopt a Genopet, a non-fungible token (NFT) digital pet that they can personalize and level up. Players are rewarded with new abilities and additional content as they progress through the game. The GENE token is the in-game governance and staking token, and it can be used for NFTs within the game and provide special access and influence to stakeholders.


The NFT-backed app Walken adds a novel twist to the traditional move-to-earn gameplay model. The CAThletes, one-of-a-kind NFT characters used in the move-to-earn game, bridge the gap between real-world exercise and virtual gaming, rewarding players with the NFT currency in exchange for their efforts.

In this case, the player’s steps transform into “Gems,” which does use to power the in-game actions of CAThlete NFTs. This is crucial because it impacts how likely they are to succeed in the numerous competitions they do force to enter.

As a result, the extent to which these CAThletes progress in the game is tied directly to the player’s physical engagement and capacity to accomplish fitness objectives. Players that excel in the game will reward with WLKN tokens, the native asset of the project.

By cleverly merging real-world sports with video games, Walken has quickly become one of the most engaging earn-while-you-move apps available. It’s highly participatory, and there’s a chance it could even be addicting.  Thanks to the token economy and the fitness challenges it offers users.

The $WLKN price is currently holding up relatively well compared to other tokens. However, since the start of the crypto winter, the coin’s value has dropped by over half.

Concluding Remarks

One of the simplest methods for average folks to get in shape, have a good time. They earn cryptocurrencies  by playing a “move-to-earn” game. Some may view these apps as a panacea for financial security, but they should rethink that belief. Even though there are ways to make some cryptocurrencies with “move to earn” apps, the amounts are typically small.

And in a crypto winter, when the value of some projects is falling every day, this is especially true. Thus, users of these apps should keep their hopes high about the amount of money they can make with them. 

Get in touch with an experienced move-to-earn game development company right now to change your business.

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