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Office Whiteboard Ideas: Traditional Whiteboard Alternatives

You’ve decided that you want to add dry erase functionality to your workspace.

That’s a great choice. Having whiteboard walls can be really beneficial to how you brainstorm, project plan and even how you organise your day.

But if you don’t want to opt for a Traditional Whiteboard you may be considering other office whiteboard ideas.

In this case you’ll have to choose between a whole number of dry erase products. There are more of them than you might think. At Smarter Surfaces we have three kinds of dry erase products to choose from, whiteboard wallpaper, whiteboard paint and self-adhesive whiteboard films.

What are the differences between these products? How will you know which is the right choice for your office whiteboard?

Keep reading and we will explain the differences between writable paints, wallpapers and self-adhesive films below.

Office Whiteboard Ideas: Whiteboard Paint As A Whiteboard Alternative 

The first whiteboard alternative that we will be discussing is Smart Whiteboard Paint. Here are some of the main things that you should know about the product.

How Many Versions Of This Product Are Available?

We offer two versions of Whiteboard Paint. One in white and one in clear.

How Do You Apply Whiteboard Paint?

When applying Whiteboard Paint in White, you will need to install a primer as well. This is because a primer smooths and seals your surface. The latter means that the write-on wipe-off properties of the whiteboard paint stay on the surface rather than getting soaked into the surface.

This is an additional step in the application process.

Please install 2 coats of primer, wait 12 hours and then paint your Whiteboard Paint. This means the complete application takes approximately 1-1.5 days.

Depending on your surface colour, you may not need to prime with the Clear option. Please see application video for more info. As Whiteboard Paint has no size limitations, you can create a large whiteboard surface in no time.

Whiteboard Paint needs to be applied to a smooth wall in order to completely benefit from the dry erase functionality. This product, like most paints, is available in a gloss finish.


Office Whiteboard Ideas: Whiteboard Wallpaper As A Whiteboard Alternative 

The next product you may consider to replace your office whiteboard is Whiteboard Wallpaper.

How Do You Apply Whiteboard Wallpaper?

Dry Erase Wallpaper comes with the benefit of rapid installation. This means your installer can get the wallpaper up on your wall quickly and efficiently. We also have this handy application video to help.

Of course, how long the entire application takes will depend on how much area you are looking to cover. If you are looking to create a large whiteboard surface it will take longer than if you are just looking to cover a smaller area.

How Long Do You Need To Wait To Use This Product?

Now the products are up on the wall, how long do you have to wait to use each option?
Whiteboard Wallpapers are pre-finished when manufactured, meaning the only drying time you have to wait for is the adhesive. We advise waiting 24 hours before use.

This means that you can put your whiteboard wallpapers up one day and then use it the next.

How Many Options Are Currently Available?

We currently have two Whiteboard Wallpapers in our range, both with factory finishes.
This means they both are manufactured smooth and even if your wall has a few imperfections, it will look perfectly smooth once your dry erase wallpapers have been applied.

Another benefit of choosing a whiteboard wallpaper is that you can also select the gloss level that suits you. Choose either gloss or low sheen.

Whiteboard Wallpaper comes in a glossy finish and is also non-ghosting. Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper- Low Sheen has a low sheen finish due to the added projection functionality.

This is perfect for anyone looking a reduced gloss level and is extremely popular with architects.

Office Whiteboard Ideas: Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Films As A Whiteboard Alternative 

How To Apply Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Films

Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Films are even simpler to apply. Simply place over the the piece of furniture you wish to add functionality too and remove the backing.

Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Films are great for office whiteboard ideas that are outside the box. This can be applied to any smooth piece of furniture and can be used instantly.

How Many Versions Are Available?

Smart Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Films come in three options. The first is Smart Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Film- White. This product comes in a white gloss finish.

Smart Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Film-Clear allows users to create writable furniture while keeping their original finish.

Smart Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Film-Low Sheen acts similarly to the low sheen whiteboard wallpaper alternative only instead of walls this product is applied exclusively to office furniture.

How Long Do You Need To Wait To Use This Product?

One of the main benefits of Smart Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Films is that once the product has been applied to your furniture it can be used immediately.

We hope that by examining the differences between these products you’ll be able to create interesting and unusual office whiteboard ideas for your space. The choice is yours.

Have you any questions regarding our products? Call us on the relevant number below:


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