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Plant Growth Regulators and Its Benefits

Understanding plant growth regulators require us to understand the basic building blocks of plant growth. Plants need water, sunlight, appropriate temperatures, and soil conditions to grow and thrive. While this seems simple enough, it rarely is. In large-scale farming operations, it’s hard to ensure that each crop gets the nutrient it needs. So how do farmers across the world ensure their crop grows in ideal conditions and to their optimum levels? This is done with the help of plant growth regulators. Let’s dive deeper into understanding plant growth regulators and their benefits.

What Is A Plant Growth Hormones / Regulator?

The most simple definition of plant growth hormones is that they are supplements or hormones for plants. Made of chemical substances, plant growth hormones are widely used to improve the growth and development of plants. These regulators organically occur in plants, but often this natural product does not meet the growth requirements. Therefore, chemical-based regulators are used to speeding up plant development.

Why Do Plants Need Growth Regulators?

When most nutrients needed for a plant’s growth occur naturally, then why do plants need growth regulators? This is because plants have different stages of growth and, in some cases, plants display unlimited growth, where the plant continues to grow from germination till death. Limited growth, on the other hand, is when plants stop growing after a certain size. Both these conditions are not normal for plant growth. Vegetative growth is yet another condition where flowers don’t bloom. All these conditions, when present, can adversely impact the growth of plants. Plant growth regulators are then used to control and manage such conditions.

Type of Plant Growth Regulators

There are many types of plant growth hormones available in the market, and each serves a specific function. Some of the most common plant growth regulators are:

  1. Auxins – These are one of the most important phytohormones or plant hormones. This was first discovered by Charles Darwin as a naturally occurring hormone in plants. Since then, these integral plant growth hormones is mass-produced in labs and have proven very beneficial to plants. Auxins have multiple functions, including speeding up flowering and plant propagation. In addition, Auxins protect plants from weeds and prevent the early shedding of leaves. As is clear, Auxins offer protection and a positive growth ecosystem so plants can thrive.
  2. Gibberellins – These are plant growth regulators which are sourced from fungi and plants. Gibberellins are extensively present In nature and there are over 100 types of gibberellins. These aid in leaf expansion, accelerate bolting in vegetables like cabbage and beet, accelerate the malting process of certain wines, facilitate the early production of seed and help improve crop yield.
  3. Cytokinins – Another plant regulator is Cytokinins. The function of Cytokinins is to promote the growth of buds. In addition, these plant growth hormones also help with cell division and help maintain the freshness in flowers. Cytokinins also delay aging in fresh crops and help form new leaves.

Most plant growth regulators have similar functions of boosting plant growth without adversely affecting the natural growth cycle. Plant growth inhibitors are another form of regulator that is used to inhibit the inorganic growth of plants. Abscisin acid and Ethylene are some commonly used plant growth inhibitors.

Plant Growth Regulators by Dhanuka

Plant growth regulators are integral to agriculture in India. Brands like Dhanuka manufacture plant growth regulators that have essential major and micronutrients in required proportions. Dhanuka offers a wide variety of plant growth hormones for different purposes. You can use these high-quality regulators to improve the quality and yield of your crop without worrying about any harmful damage to crops. Apart from these, Dhanuka also offers effective rice pest control pesticides that protect the rice crop from extensive damage. The brand is a pioneer in the manufacture and distribution of agrochemicals. All their products are tested and have proven efficiency. The brand offers credible products at cost-effective prices, making it easy for stakeholders to manage their crop production. Head to Dhanuka to make an investment that will give you higher returns for long periods by maintaining the soil ecosystem.

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