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Plywood Upgraded with the Best Firefighting Properties

According to a report, around 9,329 fire accidents occured in 2020 in India. This is why many new norms have been introduced for construction companies that they need to keep in mind while constructing houses and buildings.

However, apart from the exterior of the home, the interior needs to be safe equally. This is why CenturyPly has come up with the revolutionary Firewall technology that reduces the speed of the spread of fire.

What is fire retardant plywood?

Fire retardant plywood is an innovation by CenturyPly that is resistant to high temperatures and fire. This category of plywood is embedded with firewall technology. Thus the fire retardant plywood price is worth the safety and security that it provides to our living and working spaces.

There are two types of CenturyPly products available in this category, namely, the Architect Ply and the Club Prime plywood. The Architect Ply is a premium quality plywood with a lifetime warranty. It is not only fire resistant but also water resistant and borer and termite resistant. It is certified with IS:710 certification and IS:5509 certification.

Whereas the Club Prime Plywood is treated with preservatives before pre-processing and comes with the GLP formula. It has a warranty of 25 years and has undergone 24 stringent quality tests.

What is Firewall Technology?

Firewall Technology  can protect you from fire accidents. This  firewall technology plywood ensures the safety of your family and assets. The firewall technology makes the plywood fire resistant, and since this property is embedded in the core of the plywood, it is still effective even after the plywood is laminated or painted over.

The plywood doesn’t affect the other features of CenturyPly. Moreover, it also makes the plywood more durable and resistant to water and moisture. These are especially a great choice for your kitchen, where fire and heat are quite common. This technology allows your plywood to handle high temperatures easily and doesn’t allow heat to penetrate the plywood surface.

The most important thing is that as long as the air source is removed from the plywood, the fire burning on the plywood will extinguish itself over a short period of time. Since this plywood can reduce the spread of smoke and fire, they also provide you more time to plan your escape.

Importance of firewall technology

The firewall technology is so appealing to customers because it is not a surface treatment. This technology is embedded into the plywood while manufacturing. Due to this, the plywood can still retain the feature even after getting covered by laminates, polishes, or paints.

This fire-resistant technology also makes your plywood non-hygroscopic. This means that the plywood cannot absorb moisture from the surrounding. This prevents any warping or swelling in the plywood. Also, due to this, if your plywood furniture does catch fire, as long as the fire source is removed from the furniture surface. The fire will extinguish itself after some time.

The Firewall Technology is especially useful in kitchens since it reduces the rate at which fire and smoke spread. Moreover, it also reduces smoke emission, flame penetration, and flammability of your furniture. The plywood sheets that come with the firewall technology are certified by American, British, and Indian standards and live up to these norms and standards.

This technology ensures that during a fire, less toxic gasses and smoke are released, which can reduce the cases of poisoning and suffocation. Since the fire penetration rate is reduced due to this technology. It takes around 60 minutes for flames to penetrate a plywood. Thus, you have enough time to evacuate and also protect your important documents and belongings.


The firewall technology of CenturyPly is a must-have for your homes. Not only are these plywoods good quality, water resistant, and borer and termite resistant, but just their fire-resistant property makes them too good to ignore. They are especially a must-have for your kitchens, so don’t miss out on them and do use them to ensure safety and security against fire.

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