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Points To Consider For Buying Circuit Breaker Identifiers

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or professional, you might someday need to use a circuit breaker identifier. Because just like most of the projects at home, working with circuits will require circuit breaker identifiers. After all, they are helpful to find the right fault in the circuit. Circuit breaker finders or identifiers are safety devices that protect your home and electronic devices from electrical hazards. Those hazards could be an overload, short circuits, etc. A circuit breaker finder is installed in a circuit breaker panel of an electrical device. Read on to know more about how you can choose the best available circuit breaker finder from the market. 

Pointers For Purchasing Circuit Breaker Identifiers: 

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Certification 

Circuit breaker finders work with live electrical currents. Thus, they have the potential to be hazardous and harmful. All these products require the user to insert the transmitter into a live electrical outlet. And when you have a poorly made product, it can damage the electrical circuit and cause a harmful electric shock. In order to ensure the product’s safety, you only have to use the circuit breaker finders that have UL certification. The products that have received UL certification have been safe for all types of new technologies. This certification has been running since the 1800s. So, whenever you go to purchase a circuit breaker identifier, look for UL certification. 

Voltage Capacity

Generally, circuit breaker finders have a maximum voltage. In fact, most of them will work on the standard 120-volt circuits. This has the capacity to cover most of the house’s circuit except for those that handle very large appliances. For example, this can include cloth dryers and refrigerators (large ones) that use 220-volt circuits. This factor is important because circuit breaker finders are made for industrial use that can reach up to 270 volts and work with high voltage circuits. Moreover, if you choose a circuit breaker identifier that can only reach up to a maximum of 120 volts, then it is actually not sufficient for your home. Thus, while purchasing, always remember that the device should have a higher voltage capacity. 

GFCI Testing Capability 

Just as you check the testing capabilities of a wire earth resistance tester. You need to check for GFCI testing capability in circuit breaker finders.  As they can do more than finding which circuit goes with each light or outlet. The identifiers with GFCI testing capability can correctly tell whether a GFCI output is working in the right wiring condition. Generally, GFCI outlets have their own in-built breakers.  They interrupt the circuit whenever it experiences a ground fault to prevent electric shocks. So, the circuit breaker finders that can identify GFCI wiring issues are important. 


A circuit breaker identifier works by using a receiver that communicates with the help of a transmitter. The receiver plugs into an outlet and then sends a signal with the help of wire through the breaker box. By identifying the frequency, the circuit breaker finder actually locates the correct breaker for the specific outlet. In order to make this process smoother and more efficient, the receiver must be able to differentiate the transmitter’s frequency from other ones traveling down to different electrical lines. With the help of automatic circuit breaker finders, you can easily test the sensitivity to the optimal level. But on the other hand, manual models will require the user to adjust the sensitivity level. 

Maximum Interrupting Capacity 

When you are figuring out circuit breaker finders for home, it’s crucial to know the maximum interrupting capacity of the circuits. Because it’s the maximum amount of fault current, a circuit breaker can interrupt without fail. For example, a 20 amp breaker can handle up to 2,400 watts before it trips down. In order to determine how much load is there on the breaker, you will need to add the wattage of all electrical devices plugged into the circuit. The total amount should not exceed the max interrupting capacity of the breaker. 

Easy To Calibrate 

Circuit breaker finders make the process of matching outlets to circuit breakers quick and easy. So, if you are the one who is new to using a circuit breaker finder, then choose the one that will be easy to calibrate. A device that can automatically calibrate to the circuit breaker box will save lots of time.  Especially by eliminating the need to accomplish the calibration task without any manual help. 


So, we have mentioned enough points that can help you choose an ideal circuit breaker identifier for your needs. The above considerations will help you find out some of the best circuit breaker finders in the market. Remember, when it comes to electrical devices, you cannot compromise on the quality and requirements. After all, it’s all about our own environment’s safety.

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