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Right Time to Start UPSC Preparation

The most frequently asked question among aspirants is always, When is the right time to start preparing for the IAS exam?. To be honest, this is a question where answers can either be right or wrong, but suggestions can always be considered as an answer. So in this article, I will try to give you a few suggestions about the ideal time to begin preparation for the IAS exam. 

Read the article to the end as you can procure a clear idea of the best time to start your preparations for the IAS exams. To understand better, let’s begin by separating aspirants into three categories. 

First, those who are determined to take the IAS exams consider it the sole purpose of their lives. Basically, school or college students. 

Second, those who decide about it later after completing their graduation or post-graduation. 

Third, those who want change in their daily life or simply people doing jobs or those not satisfied with their jobs and simply need a change. Now let’s discuss in detail about the right time to start UPSC preparation.

Right Time to Start UPSC Preparation

1. School Students 

This category of aspirants comprises young students who get inspired by well-known civil servants or get it inherited from their parents working as civil servants. There could be many possible reasons to get inspired into being an IAS officer. 

The most important point is that the level of determination is huge in this category. This category has plenty of time for preparation as they will have to complete their 10th or 12th standard, respectively and later complete a degree from a well-recognized university or college; then only they are eligible to appear for the exam. 

For those who have not yet completed their degree from a college, start reading magazines, NCERT Books, Gk books, etc. Focus more on improving your writing skills and expanding your memorizing power. Develop a hobby of reading newspapers daily. 

2. College Students 

This category includes aspirants studying in a college or who have finished their degree course. The right time to begin preparation for exams is during college days, as you have a decent amount of time to invest in. However, you may not have as much time as it was in the case of the first category because you also have to take care of your college work and extracurricular activities side by side. 

Extracurricular activities are also equally important as they add to your grades in college. If possible, try to take up some sports to keep you active and fit. Keep reading Ncert books from previous classes so that your syllabus is covered completely, or else you’ll end up stacking stuff. 

3. Working Professionals 

This category includes aspirants doing their full-time job or those who have quit their jobs to see themselves working as civil servants one day. This category of aspirants is very ambitious because of their high life experience and are well aware of the need for dedication and seriousness in life.

If an aspirant is preparing for IAS exams while doing his job, then it will surely cause some real problems. Sometimes you may not get minimal or no time for leisure and will have to work in a composed manner. But it is just a phase after which you can have all you want, and believe me, it is entirely worth putting in all your hard work. 

Now, those who are entirely dependent on the exam to get a job have a lot of advantages as they have very little work to do, no deadlines, no need of achieving targets, nothing. They can simply focus on their preparations. 

The Thought Tree

The right time to begin preparations for your UPSC exams starts here at The Thought Tree(T3). If you fall into any of these categories, then T3  have a separate solution for everyone. They have a 1-year program for regular students and a 2-year program for school and college students. 

The Thought Tree has everything planned for you, like counselling sessions, which subjects to choose for your degree, books to read, organized study material, a scheduled timetable, and many more. They also provide mentorship to their students. All these features make The Thought Tree the best IAS Coaching in Jaipur


Starting preparation for the UPSC exam does not only mean reading only standard books. It also requires developing a personality, and this is where real preparation begins. Developing a good personality includes boosting your confidence, developing a sense of awareness, and knowing more about things occurring in society, nation and the world. These things will help build your personality and keep motivating you during the path of the preparation process. 

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In the end, it can only be said that the right time is when you think it is. Instead of asking yourself the same question of when to begin, ask yourself why not begin now. Just pull yourself together and start preparing for the toughest exam in India whenever you feel the time is right. 

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