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Rules and How to Play Monopoly to Be a Winner

Rules and How to Play Monopoly to Be a Winner

Monopoly becomes one of the fun games, especially if played together to fill spare time. However, so that game run more exciting you have to know how to play monopoly first.

Monopoly is the most popular board game played. As a child, you must have played this game.
This game is very fun when played together. You can make monopoly as one of the game options to reduce holding your cell phone when you gather.
In addition, this game can also be the right choice to relieve stress from college or work assignments.
Then how to play monopoly right? Here is the review for you.

How to Play Monopoly

Before playing Monopoly, you have to check your playing equipment-monopoly first. There are several things that must be prepared including:
Game board, which includes the names of cities, countries, stations, prisons, and other descriptions.
  • 2 dice.
  • 32 houses are green and 12 hotels are red.
  • 1 general fund card and opportunity card.
  • Ownership cards of each city, country, land, etc.
  • Money as a means of purchase in the game.

Preparation for Playing Monopoly

There are several preparations you need to do before the game can start, namely:
  • Shuffle the General Funds and Chance cards first. Then place it upside down in the space provided
  • The players are dealt 200,000 dollars at the start of the game.
  • All land cards, houses, hotels, and the remaining money are handed over to the bank.

    Distribution of Money to Monopoly Players

    • 2 bills for $500
    • 3 bills for $200
    • 4 $100 bills

    Monopoly Rules

    1. Crossing the Start Line
    Players will be given money worth 20,000 every time they cross the starting line.
    However, if the player stops at the starting line then no money will be given.

    2. Buying Land and Paying Rent

    When a player steps on an area that is still not owned by another player, then the player has the right to buy it or ignore it.

    Then, the player is obliged to pay rent to another player, when that player sets foot into an area that has been purchased by another player.

    . Buying houses and hotels

    If the player has purchased a land complex, the new player can own a house. The maximum number of houses on building land is 4 units.
    As for buying a hotel, players must have 4 houses on the building land. When he bought a hotel, the house he owned was returned to the bank. For one building land, only 1 hotel is allowed to be built.
    4. Selling and Pawning Area
    Unbuilt buildings can be traded with other players. For the price, it depends on the agreement between the players.
    But if the building has been built then you have to sell it to the bank. For the selling price, the bank only buys half of the original price.
    Building land can also be mortgaged to the bank at the price listed on the building land card

    5. Paying Fines

    If a player steps on a property owned by another player, an area penalty will be imposed as stated on the ownership card.
    But if you don’t have enough money, you will be considered in debt. You have to sell or mortgage the building you own to the bank to cover the debt.
    The money from the sale in the bank will be given to the players who are owed.

    6. In and Out of Jail

    A player is declared jailed when:
    • Roll the dice with the same number 3 times.
    • Played pawns stop at the prison entrance area.
    • Get orders from opportunity cards or general funds.
    Players can be declared free from prison if:
    • Purchase and use a jail-free card.
    • Paid a fine of 50 dollars to the bank before it was his turn to be able to continue the journey.
    • The player gets the same number of dice when it is thrown.
    • Players are given the opportunity 3 times to get the same number per turn.
    7. Winner
    The player is considered to have won the game of monopoly when the player has a lot of property and money. In the game, usually, the winner is the player who survives to the end.
    While the rest fell due to bankruptcy.
    3 bills for $5,000
    3 bills $1,000

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