Security Checklist Of Construction Site Before Holidays

The holiday season can fill you with joy or fear, but the truth is Christmas is quickly approaching. If your website is shutting down for the season, it is essential to be sure it’s adequately secured. 

Our checklist will aid you in determining what should be done to reduce the chance of loss, theft, or other problems that typically happen when sites are shut down.

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Verify The Fencing And Locks

Before closing your premises, check the site’s boundaries to ensure there isn’t any damage to the fence or locks. Weather fluctuations can cause fencing to move, which opens your site for intruders to enter your property.

They might slip through gaps in the hopes of theft of expensive equipment or vandalizing. Additionally, curious children typically visit building sites in quiet periods, and you must make sure they aren’t able to enter and cause harm to themselves.

Protect Tools, Equipment, And Machinery

Construction sites are a significant opportunity for criminals or even insiders who know how valuable the equipment and tools are.

So the risk of leaving your devices out in the open for a few days during Christmas is hazardous. Equipment must be kept in secure locations onsite or completely removed when the site is closed.

The heavy machinery on site must be securely secured to avoid theft or mishandling. If someone who has no understanding of how to operate the machinery was to walk into the premises. And play with it, the potential for severe consequences for you and them.

Check Out Signs And Notices

When you conduct your complete security perimeter inspection before closing the business, be sure that you check the warning and hazard signs.

They must be clear and easily visible to shield the business you run from legal action should someone enter and cause harm to themselves.

These signs can also serve as a deterrent, preventing people from visiting a location when they think they might be at risk.

Make Plans Ahead And Get Stuff Ready

Many sites will remain in operation during Christmas, perhaps through just one security guard that acts to deter undesirable visitors. Therefore, ensuring that your staff is prepared and adequately prepared to handle any issues is essential.

Staff members who remain onsite during the closure period should have contact numbers for out-of-hours in an emergency. While backup staff should be prepared to handle any issues that arise at the last minute.

If you are prepared and make the required arrangements to ensure your security at your construction site is in top shape this Christmas, you’ll be able to lay back, relax, and enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

Make sure the items you stack are safe, equipment that can easily be damaged by wind is moved to a safe location, and any vulnerable equipment is clear of danger.

Avoid anyone who sells second-hand equipment and plants at low prices, especially when they can’t prove ownership. Report any suspicious activity to the police.

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