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Setup the Canon IJ Network Tool

Delivery of wireless devices has started as a result of the wireless era. They must therefore have network connectivity in order to function. One must set up the printer’s network settings in order to accomplish this. If you have a Canon printer, you can use the Canon IJ Network Tool download to control the network settings for your printer. However, not all Canon Printer models are supported by the IJ Network Tool. Only a few different Canon printer types, including the Pixma, Maxify MB, and Maxify iB series, are compatible with the Canon IJ Network Tool. As a result, if you own a printer from this series, you can configure your network using this programme. The Windows and Mac operating systems are compatible with this application. You may find instructions for using the Canon IJ Network Tool on Windows 10 and Mac on this website.

The Canon IJ Network Tool use with consideration

Using a toolkit programme named IJ Network Tool, you may monitor and modify most of the network settings for your Canon printers. You can complete network configuration uninterrupted if you use the Canon IJ Network Tool. It is frequently important since a new network frequently resets the printer’s previous network settings when you try to connect it to a different network. In order to later keep the network settings of your printer device, the IJ network tool installation happens after the installation of your Canon device. The following issues should need special attention while using the IJ Network tool:

  • You must have the necessary connecting equipment, such as a network access point (router/modem), LAN cable, etc. if you wish to set up a LAN for your printer.
  • If you don’t verify that your printer is connected to the LAN, your IJ Network tool won’t function. Next, a detailed inspection of the LAN line is necessary. Finally, check the cable for any nicks or scratches.
  • You must make sure that your printer is not currently performing any basic tasks, such as printing, scanning, copying, etc., in order to use the IJ Network Tool. You must use your Canon printer to complete all essential printing, scanning, and other tasks before utilising the application.
  • Ensure that you don’t print, scan, or copy anything on a printer while it is in operation.
  • If the firewall feature of your printer’s security software is enabled, you can get a warning notice when your Canon printer software tries to connect to an available network. In this situation, you must provide the utility tool access.
  • Changing user accounts is not supported by the IJ network utility. As a result, switching users’ accounts requires quitting the programme first.

Steps for Downloading and Installing the Canon IJ Network Tool

In order to set up your printer’s network settings and enable you to print from anywhere without providing special instructions, you must complete the IJ Network Tool download for the printer by carrying out the following steps:

  • Go to your preferred browser to access Canon’s official website. On your screen, the Canon support website appears.
  • Use the search box provided to look for your Canon product right now.
  • There will be a download link for your printer’s driver in the Canon Printer Drivers Download section of your product window.
  • Click the Download tab to download the driver to your device.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to install the driver when it has been downloaded on your device.
  • By double-clicking the recently downloaded file and then following the on-screen directions, you can install the driver.
  • A Software Selection Window appears while the installation is taking place. Check the “IJ Network Tool” checkbox here. Your device will then successfully finish installing the IJ Network Tool.

The Canon IJ Network Tool installation is finished with the conclusion of this phase. You must now follow the particular instructions for each operating system to complete the setup. At articlerod you can find troubleshooting of How to setup IJ Network Tool. They are defined in such vastly different ways by the two operating systems.

Accessing The Canon IJ Network Tool

Now that the IJ network programme has been downloaded and correctly installed on your PC, you can use it. You can launch the software and use it to configure your network once you have access to it. Depending on the operating system you are currently using, the IJ Network Tool might be located in a different place on our computer.

References: Use Canon IJ Network tool

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