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Health and Fitness

Sex Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Great sex can be gloriously uplifting, whether it’s a heat-of-the-moment hookup or a session with a long-term partner who knows every inch of your body. And if you’re anything like me, the mere thought of it can bring on Real Good Vibes. It can be a lot more than physical pleasure alone, though. Sex can also benefit your mental and emotional health, as well as your overall well-being. Sex can improve your mental health but some men have sexual problems. These problems include impotence, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. For these problems, the most effective medicines have been extracted by the doctors among which the best medicine is Kamagra Oral Jelly. This jelly contains an ingredient called sildenafil which helps in increasing blood flow to the penile tissue in men and relaxes the muscles of the penile tissue. This jelly is taken only by men aged 18 to 65 years. Looking for more reasons to get busy? We break it down for you below.

It can boost your self-confidence

If you’ve ever felt like you were in the music video for “Feeling Myself” alongside Nicki Minaj and Queen B after really good sex, that’s because it can boost your self-confidence. Granted, it takes a level of confidence to hop in the sheets, but sex and masturbation have the potential to return the favor and then some. Masturbation, aka solo sex, offers many of the same benefits as partner sex. Plus, it has some unique advantages of its own, including:

  • Higher self-esteem or appreciation of self
  • A deeper understanding of your body
  • Increased possibility of orgasm
  • more sexual satisfaction overall

“Learning to orgasm on your own can make it easier to do so with a partner because you can communicate what feels good: fast, slow, the amount of pressure,” explains Onur Bal, a licensed psychologist in Istanbul, Turkey, who works with individuals and couples. “Knowing what you like and where you like it can build confidence.” So, consider self-exploration a highly worthwhile investment — one that can become a daily delight you look forward to.

It Releases Feel-Good Hormones

“I think he banged the sadness out of me,” a friend told me once. It wasn’t just funny; it also made sense. Sex has changed my state of mind more times than I can count, zapping me into the present. Amid a dreamy headspace doused in pleasure, worldly troubles often seem far, far away. Turns out there’s a chemical explanation for that. “We’re programmed to feel good before, during, and after sex,” explains Bal. “Touching, kissing, and other sexual interactions cause the peripheral nervous system to signal the brain [to] release endorphins, making us feel good.”

Sex also triggers a surge of the neurotransmitter dopamine, another mood-boosting hormone. According to Bal, sex is one of the most powerful dopamine-releasing activities, alongside other delights like eating delicious food, learning something new, and listening to music.

It Can Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Cortisol and adrenaline, two key players behind anxiety, are reduce Trust Source during and after sex. Coupled together, these chemical fluctuations can be a stellar antidote for stress. It’s basically endorphin heaven, boosting your mood and diminishing pain sensitivity. It also explains why things that usually hurt — like biting, choking, or slapping — can be hot AF during sex. Pleasure and pain actually activate the same parts of the brain. To quote Harvard Medical School, “endorphins are the brain’s natural painkiller.” Not only can they provide a general feeling of bliss, but they can also relieve pain in the same way an opioid does.

On top of that, concepts like escapism and dominance are conceptually hot for many. Power play can be a massive turn-on, adding fuel to an already burning fire. Whether you use handcuffs or ropes or prefer a good old-fashioned bite on the neck, the intimacy of experiencing even the lightest pain with a sexual partner can send you to new levels of pleasure.

It Can Help You Sleep Better

The hormone cocktail released by getting it on can send you off to slumber (with a smile, no less). And for what it’s worth, post-orgasm sleep hits harder than melatonin-induced snoozing, in my humble opinion. Researchers found that having sex before sleep can immediately reduce stress, thanks to the release of oxytocin and the reduction of cortisol. Not only does this lovely combination help you fall asleep quicker than usual, but it also keeps you in dreamland longer, reducing the chance of waking up throughout the night. As one of humanity’s most sturdy pillars, sleep can make or break your mental health. A lack of quality shut-eye is closely link to depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. One study trusted Source from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that participants who averaged 6 hours or less of sleep per night were 2.5 times more likely to have frequent mental distress.

Our emotional well-being takes a nosedive when we’re sleep-deprived because the amygdala (the part of the brain that controls fear) becomes more prone to overreaction.

It’s Light Exercise, Which Benefits Your Brain

You’ve probably heard it time and time again, but it’s worth repeating: It’s incredible how exercise can boost your mental health. The benefits of trusted Sources are many: Exercise can help reduce anxiety, depression, and bad moods; uplift your self-esteem; give your cognitive function a boost, and more.

Sex is no Cross Fit, but it still burns a few calories and gets your heart rate going. One 2013 study trusted Source found that sex can, on average, burn around 3.6 calories per minute. Consider it the cherry on top of an already wonderful activity.

It Can Provide A Sense Of Connection

Sex that feels wonderfully safe can be a powerhouse of human connection. “After sex, oxytocin is released — a hormone that deeply relaxes us and can foster a feeling of trust among partners,” shares Bal. “This plays a role in developing relationships and can give us a pretty euphoric feeling.”

Aptly nicknamed the love hormone, oxytocin can have a positive impact on your interpersonal connections, according to one review of research by a trusted Sources. Attraction, love, affection — these emotions are driven by oxytocin’s physiological effects. Of course, this can also mean getting hit with The Feels after an extended friends-with-benefits situation – a common experience many of us have had.

Even if hopping into bed with a total stranger, your subconscious might start to feel trust before your internal monologue does. One study Trusted Source demonstrated this amid a group of strangers, where a nasal spray of oxytocin increased trust among players of a money game. Love it or totally lament it, definitely keep this tidbit in mind during your next situations. You can enjoy sex even by taking medicines that will have a great impact on your mental health. You can order only effective medicines to treat sexual problems like impotence, erection, and amorous ejaculation from our site pharmev.com.

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