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Six Reasonably Priced Sources to Obtain a Customized Logo

The logo is the main identification of any brand. The customized logo should be simple, have a symbolic meaning, and can be remembered easily. It creates the first impression about your brand. Hence, your business logo must explain everything about your business, which you offer services, etc. Moreover, a logo must convey all of this in a way that is clear and readily identifiable.

So, how will you achieve all these targets for your business logo?

Many owners of the businesses don’t do the logo design themselves. Either they don’t get time or don’t have the necessary skillset to do it. So, they opt for a custom logo design by a logo designer. Moreover, one has to keep an extra fund for logo designing. On that basis, they can hire a freelancer on various freelancing sites for the job.

So today, we will discuss a few places, one can hire a designer to create a logo for his/her brand.

Where to search for a professional level Logo designing

Whenever you will search for ‘custom logo design’ you will see many freelancers and self-claimed logo designers throughout the world. So, check their portfolio carefully before hiring them.

Here are a few platforms for hiring logo designers:

Tips for Creating Custom Boxes with Your Business logo

  1. Looka

Earlier Looka was called Logojoy and it uses a do-it-yourself method of designing a logo. Here, the total look and feel of the logo and its design are determined by you. Then, the AI-based designers will do the technical designing of the logo. In Looka, the advanced technology is mixed with creative art so that entrepreneurs can design their business logos.

It uses technical expertise and advanced algorithms to design many logos and one can select the final one. All this will just cost almost a hundred dollars. But if you want to pay extra, you can hire an expert and get a logo design done.

Although it is advised not to use too much of AI-based designers for a Logo sometimes it gives a good output too.

You can begin by putting the name of your company or brand. They will show you a few default designs to choose from. Then you can choose the design and color, among the readymade designs. Once you are happy with the final result you can approve it.

  1. 99designs

Here you will get numerous alternatives to choose from. So, instead of selecting one designer, there are numerous designers and ready-made logo designs. So you can choose from it. The options depend on the amount you will pay to get a design. So, based on your pitch, any designer will provide the expertise and you can get your desired business logo.

Moreover, 99design is a great alternative for designing a logo. There are hundreds and thousands of designers in 99design from throughout the world. It will make sure that your logo is designed by the appropriate designer. Moreover, their online expert staff assists in giving a proper path for creating the design of your brand.

So, you will get a highly valued and good quality output and also with an assurance of a refund as well.

Here, first, you generate a contest for your logo design where you will give all the important info for building the logo. Then, as per your budget, the designers will give their output and you can select from one of them. Whichever logo designer gets selected for their design will get a portion of the money paid by you for the design.

  1. Upwork

Upwork is among the famous and the biggest platform, online for many freelancers throughout the world. It has numerous budget-friendly designers for creating a logo. Moreover, it links the business owner with a one-to-one working connection with a freelancer. Upwork coordinates all the transactions for payment and other legal issues between the client and the freelancer.

So, you can decide which freelance designer to choose from depending on their work samples and their bidding price.

One can begin by creating an account as a client. There you can post the requirements. Clearly explain the requirements of your logo design. You can request bids and work samples to have a better idea. Then choose the number for payment. You can a final amount or can pay them hourly. You can specify if you want a fresher, a medium lever, or an expert-level designer.

Many designers will pitch for your work and then you can choose among them, interview them and hire them accordingly. So the contract will start after selecting the designer. Communicate properly to have clarity of work and for resolving work-related issues. You can pay after the given deadline and get your final design.

You can put a review for the Freelancer. A freelancer also writes reviews about their clients so be professional and maintain courtesy throughout the work. Moreover, negative remarks may not help you get any outsourced help from the platform.

  1. DesignCrowd

This is another platform for freelancers and has almost 500,000 designers from throughout the globe. It is also identical to 99designs. Here also, you will get to choose from many designs that freelancers will submit to your work requirement. Here you won’t have to state a fixed budget but you can decide the number to pay as per your budget. However, there will be some charges for posting your work.

Here, you can look for a logo designer yourself or you can let the designers pitch for your work. It has become a good platform for seeking freelance services because of the price flexibility and payment refund option.

  1. Fiverr

The search engine on Fiverr is well-designed and user-friendly, and it will rapidly help you shortlist the designers depending on your given criteria. The fastest way to select a designer in Fiver is by selecting the design, giving a deadline, and your estimated budget. Then Fiverr gives a list of designers and you can go through their work.

Everyone will have a certain package for their fees and profile page. However, the price range can modify as per the work, delivery, corrections, etc. When you get your required designer, just finalize the work and deadline with them. So, if everything works out smoothly, you will receive amazing output for your logo.

  1. Crowdspring

This platform is somewhat simplified than the 99designs. It is because one doesn’t have to check the designs of the logo before posting their requirement.  Even one can provide graphic representations or drawings to the designers for having a proper idea for the logo designs.

Once you have posted your requirement and selected a designer, he/she will deliver the work in 7 days.

Nowadays, the market has evolved in Logo Design. Now businesses won’t have to spend excess money on marketing agencies to create a logo. There are several platforms through which one can get a logo design depending on their budget.

PayOneCloud helps clients with social media images, graphics, infographics services in New York, so they can manage there brand page like a popular brand for better engagement. You can contact us for your business graphics requirement as well.


Ricky Dubey is a freelance blogger who loves working on technical niches. He/she shares important posts on technical topics on various online platforms on his/her leisure time.

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