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Sofa Buying Guide

Sofa Buyers in Dubai

This is often one of the biggest investments in furniture for your living room. It is worth taking some time to research and plan the purchase of a new sofa. As well as being the focal point of your living room, a sofa is often an item that should last for many years. So we’ve put together a sofa buying guide, with tips on what to look for and how to find the perfect sofa buyers in Dubai.


There are so many choices when it comes to the shape or style of your new sofa buyers in Dubai. We have selected 4 different styles that you will often see when buying a sofa.

1. The Chesterfield
Iconic with its low back, armrests, and deep upholstery, you’ll find this style in all materials and sizes. A model for the long term; it will never go out of fashion!

Chesterfield sofa buyers in Dubai with a low back and deep buttons
The Ritz sofa is a modern take on the classic Chesterfield style.

2. Mid-century
Raised off the floor with tapered legs for a retro feel, this style is sleek with low arms and a streamlined, rather than deep, look.

The Milano sofa, inspired by mid-century furniture design
The Milano sofa is inspired by mid-century furniture design
3. Contemporary
With the introduction of metallic details (such as the legs) and loose seat and back cushions, the contemporary look is clean and square. It can be tailored to the choice of fabric to suit any room and is often affordable.

A contemporary red Ikon sofa
The contemporary Ikon sofa with clean lines.
4. Traditional
Think cottage, deep plump cushions, rounded arms, and often wooden legs, sometimes on castors.

A traditional Piper sofa with plump, full cushions.
Settle into traditional style Sofa Buyers in Dubai such as the Piper.
Most of the models you will see combine the best elements of these styles.


We suggest applying the following questions to every home purchase:

Who? Where? Why? How? When?

Who is it for?
Who is the sofa for? Do you have children? Pets? Many visitors? Are any of your regular users tall? If so, higher back cushions are a must! Children and/or pets? A forgiving and durable fabric is recommended. Busy household? Buy a cushion large enough to accommodate everyone.

A small dog lying on a sofa cushion
Make sure your sofa is suitable for the whole family!
Where will you place the sofa?
Where will you place the sofa? Is the room contemporary or traditional? Perhaps a mixture of both? Have you measured the space to see what you can fit? We strongly recommend measuring the maximum space using newspaper on the floor so you can see how much space it takes up and how much space is left around it.

Tip: If your living room is small, a low-backed sofa will help give the illusion of space, as will a raised sofa on higher legs. The more floor space you see in a room, the bigger it will seem. Try not to fit a large sofa into a small space, a modular sofa or a smaller sofa with a side chair would be a better option.

The Ritz chesterfield chair
A side chair is ideal for a small space
Also, make sure you can fit the sofa through the doors to get it in! Is there a self-assembly feature, such as adding the legs, that allows the sofa to fit through a standard door? Will it have to be carried up a flight of stairs? Are there any tight corners to be negotiated? Measure the doorways, then measure again!

Why are you attracted to a certain design?

Why are you attracted to a certain design? Try to determine what is most important to you. Is it the appearance? The comfort it provides? How is it made (we’ll talk about materials later).

What is it about?
What problem does this purchase solve for you? Do you need an occasional guest bed? If so, a sofa bed can be very useful. Do you work on your sofa?  Do you take a nap on it? Are you short of money and need to watch your budget?

A 2-seater sofa bed in grey with blue cushions

A sofa bed is ideal for guests
When do you need it?
When do you need it? Many sofa manufacturers work to order with a delivery time of up to 12 weeks. Our range of sofas is available with a lead time of 7-14 days and we deliver free of charge on a day that suits you.

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