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Some Fantastic Ways to Access OLM Files in Windows Live Mail

Transfer OLM files in Windows Live Mail

Do you know for desktop and laptop systems, Windows is used by 75% of users in the world and only 16% use Mac? Now, you can understand how popular Windows OS is. Mac is an expensive choice and doesn’t fit everyone’s budget. Windows on the other hand are affordable and well suitable for businesses and individuals. For Windows users, it is impossible to access OLM files because they are created in MS Outlook for Mac. Conversion is the only way to access OLM files in Windows Live Mail.


If you are using Windows Live Mail on your Windows system, you can access MS Outlook for Mac data on WLM with the conversion of OLM files to MBOX or EML. So, the article throws some light on how to transfer Mac databases on WLM. It also tells some genuine reasons why users like to transfer Mac MS Outlook data to Windows supportive email clients.

OLM & Windows Live Mail

MS Outlook for Mac has only been designed for Mac users. MS Outlook for Windows has only been designed for Windows users. It is a product of Microsoft and was launched a decade back to help individuals and businesses. Earlier versions of MS Outlook support only Windows. Later, Microsoft launched Outlook for Mac like MS Outlook 2016 and 2019. MS Outlook for Mac is advanced as MS Outlook for Windows. OLM is the file extension of MS Outlook for Mac to store emails, contacts, notes, messages, journals, and more in a very systematic manner. The Outlook task manager helps to set up tasks so that you will not miss a single task scheduled for a day or two. Therefore, it is widely used by Mac users.

Whereas Windows Live Mail is for Windows users only. It is also a product of Microsoft but is not supported by the company. You can say that it is a discontinued email client of Microsoft. For technical errors, you will not get support from Microsoft to improve its key functions. However, it is still available in the running state. It is an ideal program for basic emailing and management. If Windows Live Mail is already installed in your system, you can use the application. WLM saves data in the EML file extension. It is freeware. Therefore, users like to use the email client.

Why Import OLM Databases to Windows Live Mail

There are several reasons why users like to transfer OLM files. The article shares some common reasons taken from various forum websites-

Windows is used by more than 75% of users worldwide. Data sharing is a problem when Mac users try to share data with Windows users. Therefore, OLM conversion is mandatory at that time.

MS Outlook for Mac is used by a limited number of users and the OLM file extension doesn’t support other email clients than MS Outlook for Mac. Therefore, when it comes to accessing MS Outlook for Mac data on Windows, conversion is the only way.

Two sister companies using two different operating systems then data conversion is common. For example, if company number one is using Mac and the other company is using Windows, data sharing is possible with conversion.

Windows Live Mail supports EML file extension. It is a flexible file format because it supports Entourage, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and several other email clients. Conversion of OLM files to the file extension can make Mac Outlook data feasible to open on several other platforms.

Conversion of OLM Files

When it comes to exporting OLM files, users have two choices to go with. One is the manual conversion and the other is an automated conversion. In the case of OLM to EML conversion, there is no manual conversion support. Don’t waste your precious time looking for a manual solution.

The best solution is to use a third-party OLM to Windows Live Mail Converter. The technology market offers various tools. OLM Converter is an ideal tool to consider. The application makes the conversion goal so easy that anyone can achieve it with confidence. Below are some striking features of the application.

  • The conversion program gives accurate conversion results by exporting all email fields with attachments.
  • The tool displays the preview pane to filter specific OLM folders to export to EML. Hence, the results are always in favour of users.
  • It works as an OLM viewer by letting users access each email separately to get their preview.
  • The conversion tool works smoothly on both Windows and Mac platforms.
  • After conversion, it creates a log file locally to take a glance at the results.
  • The license of the application is valid for an unlimited duration.
  • It is an independent application, that doesn’t need the per-installation of MS Outlook to transfer data.



So, what are you thinking about? Go ahead to get a reliable and professional tool to export OLM files to Windows essentials in no time.

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