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Take Screenshots On Android Using Android Screenshot

This tutorial is based on the Windows Version of this program,, for instance, Mac users can also use the same procedure to run the program, and also take pictures.

Step 1. After downloading and install the Android Screenshot Assistant on your PC then connect your Android phone to your computer using an USB cable.If this was the first time that you link the Android phone to a computer, you’ll need to turn on USB debugging for your phone. Follow the prompts on screen to enable USB debugging mode in order to have your device recognised by the software successfully.

Step 2. After your Android phone is detected from the software, you’ll get its main user interface for the application. In the lower right corner of the interface, you’ll be able to see screenshot (camera icon) that allows you to capture a screenshot from you Android phone.

In addition, the basics of your device on the right side of the screen, as well as the phone’s information stored in different folders in the left side. If you want, you can control Android data on your Mac or Windows easily.

Step 3. To take a screen shot on Android you must visit the screen you would like to record on your device, then select the Screenshot button (camera icon) within the app and then click “Save” button from the pop-up window. You can save the image to your computer as soon as you can.

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How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A10

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  1. How do you take a screenshot?
  2. How do you take an extended image
  3. The configuration on the Samsung Galaxy A10 be slightly different
  4. Special features in Android that could be included on the Samsung Galaxy A10
  5. Special features available under Microsoft Windows, if you installed it on the Samsung Galaxy A10

How Do You Take A Screenshot Using You Samsung Galaxy A10

If you’d like to save a site image, image, or other information that is displayed on your screen in the form of an image then you can capture a screen shot on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy A10. It’s not hard to do. In the next section this article, we will walk you through step-by-step how to capture a screenshot using you Samsung Galaxy A10.

How To Take A Screen Shot

The model of your phone how you capture a screenshot could differ somewhat. We’ll provide various ways to capture an image on Samsung Galaxy A10.

Method 1:

To capture a screenshot To take a screenshot, press the menu as well as the stop button simultaneously. Keep both buttons in place for about two or three seconds, until the screen blinks briefly. Then, you will see the screenshot inside a separate folder in the Gallery of the Samsung Galaxy A10.

Method 2:

Another way to do this is to press simultaneously the Home button as well as the volume control button on your phone. When a screen capture (or screen capture) is captured, the screen flashes briefly , just like it did with the previous method.

Method 3:

In some models, it is possible to capture a picture by dragging your finger over the display from one end to the other.

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