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The best way to resolve Roomba Error 5 While Charging

Your robot vacuum cleaner had a loading error, as indicated by the Roomba error 5. It frequently results from issues with the Roomba battery. This issue inhibits the proper charging of your Roomba.

But you can perform a few procedures to correct this problem. This guide will explain what this problem is, why it occurs, and potential fixes.

Describe Roomba Error Number 5

This error shows that the charging of your Roomba is incorrect. If you are using phony batteries, you are more prone to contract it.

What is this Roomba Error 5 caused by?

Error 5 on the Roomba frequently results from a battery problem. If you experience that, you should probably check the machine’s battery. I have, however, included a list of a few potential reasons for the problem below.

You are utilizing fake batteries

On the charging interface between your robot and the Home Base, dirt has accumulated.
Whatever the situation, you need to remedy this problem right away if you run across it.

 Roomba Error 5

How to fix Roomba’s loading issue 5

By using the advice below, you can fix loading issue 5:

Verify that the battery makes contact with the plates. Make sure you have removed the yellow strip that the batteries carry in their connections if you have just installed a new battery.

Inspect the battery to make sure the metal plate compartment is not severely damaged. A fresh, dry piece of cloth can be used to clean the battery connections.

Check to see if the problem has been fixed by changing the battery. The battery is probably fully dead in this situation. Always keep track of when your Roomba’s batteries were last updated.

Replace it with a new, appropriate Roomba battery if it was installed more than two years ago. Your Roomba error 5 should be resolved as a result of this action, and charging should resume normally.

Roomba maintenance error 5

The yellow ring containing the battery needs to taken off first. After you’re done, you must use a clean, dry towel to clean the battery’s contacts. The battery’s color may have changed, and that is probable because it is dust-covered.

When you’re through, check to see if all of the home baseload contacts are free of dust or dirt. You must use a rubber brush to remove any dirt or dust you detect. Given that you are working with vulnerable elements, you must use extreme caution.

Fixing Roomba Error 5 (left)

When one of Roomba’s left wheels is not turning well, an error will occur. Follow the advice below to fix it:

  • Make sure that nothing is preventing the side wheels from turning.
  • Eliminate the causes of this blockage. If that doesn’t work, make sure the wheel is in the right state. Replace it with a new wheel if it doesn’t.

 Roomba Error 5

Fixing Roomba Error 5 (right)

Your Roomba’s right wheel can’t turn smoothly as a result of this problem. Follow the advice below to fix it:

  • Verify that nothing is in the way of it.
  • After you have resolved this issue, move your Roomba and press the CLEAN button. If this still does not correct. the issue, you must purchase a new right wheel.
  • How to use Roomba to connect to WiFi.
  • The notice “There was a problem connecting to Roomba” can appear. Sorry. Please try again,” says the iRobot.


When this occurs, make sure you take these easy steps to connect the robot to your personal Wi-Fi network:

Make sure a location with a strong Wi-Fi signal chosen for the Home Base and robot.

Verify that the robot’s Wi-Fi indicator light is green. Additionally, use the iRobot HOME App to connect your mobile device to the robot’s Wi-Fi network by following the on-screen instructions.

To complete the Wi-Fi setup procedure, adhere to the on-screen instructions in the iRobot HOME App.

Restart the robot and router if you can’t discover it on the network. After you done, you must restart Wi-Fi setup and forcefully quit the iRobot HOME App. If the issue persists, make sure your router’s Wi-Fi settings are appropriate for the Wi-Fi setup procedure by checking them.

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