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The dental veneer, what is it exactly?

The dental veneer

 Are you complexed by the shape, shade or general alignment of your teeth? Do not panic, the dental veneer is the solution for you! 

The dental veneer, what is it exactly?

In recent years, the dental veneer has been considered as a practical, economical and effective alternative to dental prostheses such as implants, crowns or other composites placed on damaged teeth. 

It comes in the form of a very thin shell, with an average thickness of 0.6 to 0.7 mm. The dental veneer has the particularity of being placed only by gluing on the visible part of the tooth, in order to improve its appearance. This operation is therefore part of cosmetic dentistry. The number of dental veneers to be placed therefore depends on the width of the patient’s smile, that is to say the number of visible teeth. Thanks to it, it is now easier to mask the various defects of the teeth, without resorting to tedious or financially inaccessible solutions.

 The dental veneer, for which teeth? 

As said above, the dental veneers are intended for the visible teeth, that is to say those which are on the front. Some dentists now offer special models for premolars. It is therefore useless to consider this solution for the teeth that are located at the back of the mouth. Obviously, in order to obtain an impeccable and natural result as possible, the dental veneers must be made to measure. This parameter also contributes to the longevity of the product.

The dental veneer, for whom?

Dental veneers are mainly for people who want to find a nice smile. They are also recommended for patients who want to mask the defects of one or more teeth, such as a particularly pronounced shade, awkward malpositions such as fairly pronounced overlapping or spacing, or abnormal shapes.

Dental veneers, what for? 

       Change the shape of the teeth

  •          She remodels the smile,
  •          It corrects and harmonizes teeth that are too small, too short, cracked following an accident, or broken
  •          It hides the imperfections of the teeth,
  •          It allows the dentist to give a better shape to the teeth, in order to obtain a graceful smile.

Change the shade of teeth 

  •          It is an effective and long-lasting solution compared to traditional teeth whitening methods.
  •          It corrects the unsightly staining of the teeth (ocher or yellowish tint) caused by the excessive consumption of drinks containing caffeine or theine, the cigarette as well as the repeated medical treatments such as the taking of antibiotics repeated and in high doses below. age.

Correct tooth alignment

  •          It replaces orthodontic treatments,
  •          It corrects the misalignments between the teeth, even the most important ones,
  •          It fills the gaps between the teeth, especially when they are unsightly, too large or irregular.


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