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The Expert’s Guide to Real Hair Wigs

It might be challenging and frustrating to make your first wig purchase. When faced with so many new hair and wig-related terms, some wig seekers aren’t sure where to start. For you to shop confidently and understand, The Wig Company wishes to demystify the wig industry. Whether you’re a wig veteran eager to try something new or deciding if wearing a wig is the right choice, read on to learn everything you need to know about real hair wigs.

Human vs Synthetic vs Natural Hair

It sounds quite simple when we say “genuine human hair,” don’t you think? Simple: you construct a wig by using human hair from the head. Well, not quite. Human hair can undergo several treatments that alter its appearance, texture, longevity, and best maintenance.

Start with the fundamentals. Synthetic wigs, whose fibers are created by humans but not found in nature, are wholly different from human hair wigs. However, not all real or natural hair is human; many genuine hair wigs are produced from animals like the yak, which has a hair pattern strikingly similar to human hair. Check that your wig is labeled correctly as human hair while looking for 100% human hair wigs or genuine hair toppers.

How to Choose a Real Hair Wig?

Here are some things to know about while choosing the human hair topper, wig, or extension that’s best for you:

  • Non-Remy hair wigs are available in many colors and are simple to dye. They are more affordable than choices and ideal for those who enjoy experimenting with various appearances. On the other hand, they don’t look as natural, last as long, or keep as much shine as other wigs.
  • Wigs made with Remy’s hair have a beautiful sheen, can last up to a year, and are durable when styled. They may be styled like your own hair and are heat-safe. They have a smaller variety of colors and can be more challenging to color than non-Remy wigs. These wigs and toppers, which tend to be more expensive, will be your go-to choices.
  • Virgin hair wigs are unprocessed and have a very realistic appearance. Virgin wigs can be heated to style them and last a long time. They are always in naturally occurring colors, rarer, and more expensive than chemically treated hair.


  • All human hair accessories should be cleaned, rinsed, and styled before use. Human hair cannot be worn right out of the package.
  • A hot water rinse will harm the base.
  • Sleeping, taking a shower, or swimming while wearing clothes is not advised.
  • To prevent unpleasant kinks or crimps, hang items up to dry.
  • To avoid damage, avoid brushing wet hair.
  • A competent hair stylist should perform cutting or chemical procedures like perming or dyeing. Lifting or bleaching human hair is not advised; depositing color yields the best results.
  • See Guide to Real Hair Wigs and Toppers for additional information!

A real hair wig is the best option if you want a wig that feels and looks like your own hair. They offer a natural-looking, cozy solution for your hair that can last for years with proper care.


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