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The Penalties For Breach of an Intervention Order

Intervention Order

Getting into breach of an intervention order can have a negative effect on your job, even if the person protected under the order is not living in your home. You may be charged with a criminal offense for moving the person interstate.

Criminal offence

Whether you are a victim or a protected person, knowing what the penalties for breaching an Intervention Order are can help you protect yourself. A breach of an Intervention Order could have serious consequences. It can have a negative impact on your employment, travel, or daily life. It can also result to a criminal conviction. If you are accused of breaching an Intervention Order, it is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible.

An Intervention Order can be a legal document that is issued in order to prevent abuse. They are available in many States, including Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, and South Australia. These orders are intended to protect an individual or group of people from violence, abuse, and other dangerous circumstances. It can include conditions that can be enforced immediately. It is up for the court to decide whether these conditions are appropriate.

A person may be charged with violating an Intervention Order. The police will provide a copy to the person being arrested for violating an Intervention Order. They will also warn the person that the breach can lead to further consequences. Depending on the circumstances, they may also offer an interim protection order.

A person who is charged with breaching an Intervention Order can be fined up to $1250

If convicted, the person can spend up to three years in prison. The penalties increase if the person breaches multiple times. The maximum sentence varies by state. It is important to know the penalties for breaching an Intervention Order before going to court.

A person who is charged with breaching an Intervention Order may also be required to pay expiation fees. These fees can vary from $160 up to $1250

Depending upon the state, the maximum sentence to be served for a violation of an Intervention Order is one to five years. This is due to nature of the offense. The offence may involve breaching a Family Violence Intervention Order or a Personal Safety Intervention Order. It could also include a breaching of a Family Violence Safety Notice. It is important to remember that the maximum penalty applicable to a Family Violence Safety Notice and Intervention Order are 600 penalty units.


Regardless of which state you live in, if you breach an Intervention Order, you can face serious penalties. You can protect yourself by seeking legal advice before being arrested. A lawyer can help you prepare for your court hearing.

The first thing to know about breaching an Intervention Order is that it is not an easy thing to do. Clients often fail to meet many conditions.

A Family Violence Intervention Order (FVIO), is a legal order which prohibits contact with protected persons. They can be issued for any number of reasons, including abuse or emotional abuse. This is an important step to protect a person from abuse. It can also give the person concerned peace of mind.

The most important thing to know about breaching an Intervention Order are the penalties associated with it. The maximum sentence is a two-year prison sentence. It’s also possible to receive a fine of up to 240 penalty units. This is approximately equivalent to $37.310.

Minor infractions of an IVO is the most common

An adjourned undertaking or fine are the most common. A breach of an Intervention Order can be avoided by following through with your promises.

Another important point to remember is the fact that compliance with the terms and conditions of an Intervention Order is the best way to avoid being prosecuted. Talking with an experienced breaching attorney is the best way of doing this. You should also keep track of each incident so that a police investigation can be conducted.

There are many types and types of Intervention Orders. However, the most common one is the Interim Intervention Order. An Interim Intervention Order is typically granted to a person in urgent need of protection. In these cases, the person applying will be contacted either by the police directly or via postal mail. To defend the order, the person must attend a court hearing.

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