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The process of purchasing a yellow sapphire online

In Indian astrology Yellow sapphire is one of the popular and expensive stones available. When you buy gemstones online of yellow sapphire a carat may cost you around Rs 40,000. It is a representation of the heaviest planet Jupiter. So a person who wears is bound to be influenced by the power of this planet. You may ask your astrologer to suggest you a good quality yellow sapphire so as to avail the maximum astrological benefits. If you happen to be a woman wearing a yellow sapphire may turn out to be beneficial for you.

The stone has to be worn on the index finger of your right hand. On Thursday morning you should wear it and then only you will be able to obtain maximum benefits from the stone. Always resort to the use of reputed dealers when you buy gemstones in Delhi. The reason why it is being said is that there is a possibility that you could end up with a fake gemstone.

The benefits explained in details

In Hindu culture, Jupiter is referred to as the god of all. So people who are from the creative and academic fields would benefit immensely if they are wearing a yellow sapphire stone. On the other hand if you are an advocate, judge or lawyer wearing this stone is bound to be a successful person in your respective field. The moment you wear this stone you will be in a position to handle the difficult situations at your own end. Once you wear the stone you are able to take the correct decisions in life. The reason why it is being said is that there is a possibility that you could end up with a fake gemstone.

You will be learning life goals, develop a sense of discipline, and achieve maximum success. Purchasing a yellow sapphire and you will gain numerous physical benefits along with healing power. In short you are going to be a successful person in life after you wear a yellow sapphire stone. If the wearer is a woman she would be happily married and achieve satisfaction in life. She is bound to have a caring husband and her marriage life would rock.

The purchase of a yellow sapphire via the online route

By now you are aware about the enormous benefits of sapphire. Now we come to the process on how to purchase it. The natural versions of yellow sapphire is cultured  and high in comparison to the processed ones. The price is determined on the basis of colour, clarity , cut, carat and other factors. In some cases the treatment also have a role to play. As far as the average price is concerned it starts from Rs 450 per carat. But if you are keen to purchase a top quality yellow sapphire stone it would cost you Rs 50,000 per carat.

On all counts it is better to purchase yellow sapphire. It is necessary to check whether you have purchased an original version or a fake one. A successful tip is to check out the tiny bubbles on the stone.

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