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The Rajmachi trek and Kondane Caves : The ideal weekend getaway


People who live in Maharashtra probably have heard of these areas since it is such a popular destination and people all over the nation come for weekends to be challenged, exciting and thrilling.

These are great places for you to enjoy your ideal weekend with your loved ones or family members, ensuring that you’ll never leave with a lot of unforgettable memories and amazing images that you will be able to keep for the rest of your life.

Rajmachi Trek

It is a renowned Fort that is situated between two of the most popular hill stations in Maharashtra known as the towns of Lonavala as well as Kajat in the hills of the Sahyadri mountains. The trek can be started at Lonavala and then go to the base village of Udhewadi from which you can begin your journey.

The trek to Rajmachi begins with steep slopes. After climbing for 2.5 three hours, you’ll arrive at your destination. It’s not too difficult to climb however when you are at the top, it will be a moment to realize that the effort of the climb were worth it since the panorama at the top of Rajmachi fort is stunning. They have also put up white signs for tourists to guide them on their journey. You could also take this adventure without the aid of a guide. In the three hours, you’ll be amazed by the splendor of this area throughout your trip due to the stunning nature and wildlife, the flowing waterfalls, beautiful hills, valleys, and many more.

Thing we know about forest:

Rajmachi Fort has a significant historical significance because it played an essential role in the Anglo and Maratha war. Once you are inside the fort, you can learn about the history that surround this fort by your guide or from the residents who live there.

The average height of the fort is 2710 feet above sea level. It is a place that promises the most stunning splendor that can be found in the Sahyadri mountains, which is nothing anything less than paradise. Imagine how fortunate people of those days were to reside in the fort, waking up to the most stunning scenery every morning, and delighting your eyes with the stunning views while birds sing in the most sweetest voices, and making their mornings feel nothing anything less than a dream.

Brief overview:

This is a brief overview about the Rajmachi Trek, however like you, many people enjoy holidays and are eager to stay longer and discover more places, therefore why not extend your journey to Kondane caves as well?

I guarantee you it will be a long weekend getaway and the tranquility you’ve needed from your regular routine . It will energize and refresh your mind and body.

Kondane Caves

The Kondana Caves are an area located in the small village of Kondana situated 33 km from the northwest of Lonavala and 16 kilometers north-west from Karla Caves.

It is close to the Rajmachi fort , and you can access Kondane caves via a climb down from Rajmachi village. If you don’t want to go down, then you can use your vehicle or bus to the village of Kondivade from Karjat. When you arrive at Rajmachi Fort, there’s an option to take a shortcut between the fort and the caves. If you’re with a tour guide, they will know the way or ask locals about the shortcut.

Kondane really is a collection of caves obscured by thick layers of forest. There are approximately 16 buddhist caves that were taken out in the beginning of the century.

Brief story of kondane caves

It’s about 60 meters above sea level and is accessible to climb. It’s not necessary to be a seasoned traveler to be able to reach these caves. In the early 1900s the caves were hit by an natural catastrophe that took the form of an earthquake that destroyed several stupas, front entrances as well as other buildings. The floors of the caves were destroyed. The caves are renowned for their ancient architecture and attract a lot of visitors and Buddhist followers from across the globe.

Learn more about the story of Kondane caves, which will inspire you to go there as well as explore the numerous historic and prehistoric sculptures.

Buddhist culture in kondane cave

The old Buddhist way of life can be seen in Kondana Caves in Karjat. The Kondana Caves, that are caves made of ancient rock, are famous Buddhist caves. Viharas, sculptures, chaityas and stupas are all able to be found in these caverns. Stupas and sculptures represent examples of Buddhist architectural styles from the early times of. The caves have a immense significance for buddhists because they represent the early Buddhism and Buddhist cultures. We can claim that they are sacred statues of the buddhists. When visiting these caves, one gets to understand a lot of Buddhist tradition. It is an excellent spot to visit for those who enjoy the past.

Another fascinating aspect of the caves is that they create an interest in travelers right from the beginning the journey Kondane caves, as it’s kind of hidden because of the thick forests and, once you have entered it, there are a number of at most 16 caves to explore. The carvings and sculptures are a source of fascination for both history and people enthusiasts as they tell a variety of old stories. It can give an insight into how people of the past times lived and practice the buddhist religion.


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