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The Secret to Hanging Your Shower Curtain Rod in 4 Easy Steps

Using your shower curtain rod to cover up your window can seem like an impossible task, but with these tips, it will be easier than you think! Here’s how to hang your shower curtain rod in five easy steps: First, measure the width of your window and compare it to the width of your rod. The measurements should match or be very close, so if they don’t adjust accordingly. Second, measure the height of the bottom of your shower curtain and subtract three inches from that number so you have room to mount the rod on both sides of the top of your window sill.

Step 1: Determine where you want to hang your rod

Step 1 is key. Determining where you want your rod to hang will make it a lot easier for you throughout steps 2–5. Step 2: Attach your curtain pole hardware to your wall or shower head enclosure: Determine how long you need your drapery rod by draperistång from ceiling to floor, from wall to wall, or from one side of your enclosure’s curtain rod brackets (i.e., if yours are closer together) and write that down on a piece of paper. If yours are farther apart, double-check so that you don’t accidentally buy a longer drapery pole than what you actually need.

Step 2: Decide on the length

Determine how long you want your shower curtain rod. Measure up from your tub, subtract about two inches for room to pull open and close, then divide that number by four. The result is your measurement for each corner of your shower rod. (If you’re going from an existing metal rod, remove it first; you’ll need to install a brand-new one.) Mark and cut each of those pieces with a hacksaw. If you have access through a basement or utility room, we recommend using metalworking shears on the pipe; they leave a cleaner edge than sawing does.

Buy your shower curtain rod

Step 3: Buy your shower curtain rod

First, find your shower wall and trace a line about 3-4 inches above where you want your shower curtain rod to hang. Next, lay duschdraperi stång your first layer of calking (or mortar if you are working on a brick or stone wall). Trace out your next line two inches from your first circle and then two more lines 4 inches apart. You should now have four circles on top of each other as well as what looks like a square on the top. This is all set up so that when you center your shower curtain rod over these circles it will run straight across them with no slippage. And then… YOU’RE DONE! Now all you need is some pretty curtains and voila!

Step 4: Drill holes into each wall for mounting your new rod

This may be easier said than done. You might want to do a dry run and try hanging your shower curtain rod with pushpins on your existing rods. After you get it positioned where you like, remove it and mark off where your drill holes will go. If you’re lucky enough that your shower set already comes with wall mounting hardware pre-installed, you can skip Step 5 altogether! Then head on over to Step 6 for hanger assembly instructions.

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