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The Ultimate Guide on Contemporary Rug

Rugs have come quite away in style and practicality. If you’re searching for an eye-catching piece of furniture to add to your formal mid-century living room or a comfy and sturdy area for your child’s nursery, you’ll find a variety of contemporary rugs to suit your space. Contemporary area rugs provide innovative, effective, and elegant ways to spice up your home, ranging from large open spaces to smaller spaces and from minimalist to highly decorated areas.

Contemporary area rug designs are distinguished by contrasts and an array of use of color and free-form or geometric elements. They are considered modern and architectural and have a lot of influences in stimulating a room that gives the look and feel of the arts and crafts period. While a contemporary rug can also be a tribute to the past, its style and feel are modern and forward-looking.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to selecting the perfect contemporary area rug for your home. We have the ultimate guide to modern rugs for your convenience.

1. Size 

Size is important when choosing a modern rug. Always try to choose a too-large rug instead of too small. Carpets are meant to define and anchor spaces, so if they are too small, it will make the room seem smaller.

When choosing the right size rug, consider the furniture you will place around the rug’s edges, such as a couch or other furnishings. You can use different-sized mats to delineate each space in an open-concept layout. You can easily define the boundaries of different areas by strategically placing modern runner rugs.

2. Materials

  • Wool: A wool rug adds warmth and coziness to any space. Wool is a luxurious material that is naturally resistant to stains and has the property of being resilient. This helps prevent dirt and stains from reaching your rug’s surface, which can help stop permanent staining. Natural wool’s strength is also responsible for keeping the carpet longer. Wool as a rug material can endure traffic and daily wear and hence are less likely to cause damage or sustain indentations. We recommend that you only clean the stain as spot-cleaning, just like we do with natural materials.
  • Viscose: Viscose is made from wood pulp fibers and has an ultra-soft texture. It also has a shimmery appearance. It’s best suited for a primary bedroom or formal living room.
  • Polyester: Polyester rugs look great and are durable, and they also resist wear and tear. The polyester material can be molded into many different shapes because it is flexible. Modern rugs made from polyester are water-resistant, which is a significant advantage over rugs made from natural fibers. They are easy to clean and do not sustain any damage.

3. Color

You can consider contemporary area rugs in any color shade. A bright color will draw attention to the walls and furniture in many rooms. Modern rugs can match any color scheme as they are made from different colors and textures.

Contemporary rugs with repeating patterns on the borders create a visual impression. It is essential to consider the size of the area where the modern rug is to be placed and the dimensions of the furnishings. You don’t need a substantial contemporary rug in a bald tone if you have a small kitchen. Instead, you can use a runner rug with any suitable color as per the room’s accents.

4. Patterns

Another essential aspect of contemporary area rugs is the patterns, which tend to characterize your interior’s architectural features.

Contemporary rugs and traditional area rugs can fit in these rooms if your furniture has the right lines. It is important to remember that a well-made modern carpet can be damaged by too many layouts or too much color shade. Don’t be afraid to add a print to your rug if your furniture has one. It is best to choose a smaller pattern than the rest of your furniture. The smaller patterns can be used as background, while the larger ones will stand out. You can use contemporary rugs with stripe patterns to add contrast if you wish to add depth to a space.

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