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The ultimate guide to safe and seamless bike parcel services

Moving – No Problem! That is how modern India reacts to moving. Individuals don’t hesitate to shift from one point to another for better career prospects. That said, relocation and vehicle shifting go hand in hand. In India, one two-wheeler is owned by every third family. An Indian can compromise his love for anything else while moving to a new city, but not the love of the motorbike since it is a genuine road companion that provides safety, convenience, and is cost-effective. Although there’s no dearth of means and options for two-wheeler transportation, booking professional bike parcel services is imperative to ensure safe and smooth bike relocation.

“No Means No”- The right way to respond to DIY bike shifting:

Roads and riding patterns make the nation the most dangerous for the bike riding community. According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) latest report, 44.5% of road fatalities involved two-wheelers. That means nearly half of Indian road accident deaths involve bikes, the most common mode of transportation in India. Therefore, no matter how tempting the DIY two-wheeler relocation idea seems, you must respond with a BIG NO when moving to a far-flung distance.

Now take a look at these popular means of bike transportation:
1. Air
2. Road
3. Rail

Although air transportation is the fastest, safest way of bike parcel services, it’s costly. Truck and transportation services are the two most popular options available for bike shipping via road. Even though you can save money by shifting your bike with a truck, it’s not highly reliable. Professional transportation services are a bit costly, but they are worth every penny because of the safety, convenience, and peace of mind they provide to customers. It’s conspicuous, but Indian trains are unbeatable with regard to safety, affordability, and reliability. However, you will have to deal with the laborious process if you ship it on your own via train.

Check out the role of an auto company in bike relocation:

Even though there are many options and alternatives for vehicle shipping available, shipping with the DIY process is something that makes it arduous and time-consuming. The lack of knowledge also increases its complexity. That’s why most Indians approach professionals to avail of bike transport services. Auto shipping companies provide complete assistance. In a nutshell, once you book an auto transportation company, you don’t have to worry about the process at all. Professionals will take your bike from your doorstep and safely transport it to the destination within a set timeframe. In the case of wear and tear, they reimburse the damaged amount as per the insurance policy. 8 Qualities that make an auto transportation company great:

1. Fair price without any hidden bill

2.  Comprehensive transit insurance

3.   Excellent third-party reviews

4. Enriched experience with a proven track record

5. Acceptable delivery timelines with a tracking solution

6. Skilled and experienced workforce

7. Door-to-door and end-to-end shipping solution

8. Top-notch customer service

7 Things you must not overlook when relocating your two-wheeler with movers:

Not everything that looks precious turns out to be so. The same goes for bike relocation. Even if you have decided to relocate your bike with the assistance of movers, you must make sure they are the right people for the shipment. Check out the things that you must pay attention to while transporting your two-wheeler with auto transporters for seamless transportation:

1. Legitimate records in place. Insurance policy for damage cover

2. Insurance policy for damage cover

3.  Full-service providers and not third-party

4. Respectable name in the industry

5. Solid PAN India network

6. Communications are on record

7.  Flexible payment gateways

Several factors influence vehicle relocation prices, such as distance to be covered, type and size of two-wheeler, insurance policy, moving time, kind of vehicle container (open vs. closed), etc.

4 Tips for affordable bike shipping with an auto transporter:

  1. Ask for quotes from at least 5-6 top movers for service and price comparison. Multiple quotes enable you to draw a line in the sand and request the best moving company to lower their price to sweeten the deal by showing them lower quotes you received from their competitors.
  2.  Avoid peak moving season.
  3. Instead of a closed container, ship your two-wheeler through an open container.
  4.  Opt for rail instead of the road. Top auto transportation companies offer door-to-door bike parcel services by train at affordable rates, making shipment a cakewalk for customers.

Concluding Remark

Relocation, regardless of its size and type, is a responsibility. Now that you know all the means for bike or car transportation, we hope you will make the right choice and ship your bike successfully to the desired destination without breaking the bank.

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