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These Great Mobile Game Development Tips You Won’t Find Anywhere

There can be hardly any doubt about the fact that mobile game development is most lucrative as far as making a financial fortune is considered. In the recent past, many small development studios successfully created awe-inspiring games. But against, every mobile game success story has an equal number of failures. 

Too many examples of ambitious games failing to make enough money to survive. There are also examples of failed game app projects that simply made it terribly wrong to select a monetization method. How to stay clear of these wrongdoings and build a successful game app? Here we provide some helpful and time-honored tips. 

Extensive research & validation

First comes first; you need to come up with a unique game idea that clearly has market potential. Now finding an original game idea is no less a challenge. Among the various ways, you need to take a closer look at various game apps in the market and validate these ideas in a deductionist method. 

In this respect, experts always say that figuring out the genre first is more effective in finding a great game app idea. The top notch iOS game development companies always decide on the genre first before brainstorming the game idea. Since gamers always look for unique playing fun, there’s no shortcut to this creative step. 

Target the right platform

As soon as you have come up with the perfect game idea, you need to select the right platform for building the game app. Now, not all games can be popular on one platform. iOS users may be attracted to certain genres of games, and some games are more popular among Android users. Many game apps are popular on both platforms. 

So, while picking the target platform, you must consider several aspects, such as the following. 

  • Tech stack and game design requirements 
  • The target audience for the game app
  • The development budget, time, and resources

Visually engaging game design

The game UI/UX design is another crucial aspect that determines the success potential of a game app. An appealing look and feel and ease of gaming actions coupled with design elements that keep the game entertaining on a continuous basis are important considerations for game design

In the case of mobile game design, just visual engagement is not enough. The game actions and the game levels should be carefully designed to keep players on board and ensure addictive gameplay. Graphics, animation, and game flow all should make the perfect engaging mix to keep players on board. 

Decide about the monetization in advance. 

In your rush to design and develop a great game app, you may just forget about a crucial aspect called monetization. But that is going to cost your game project havoc in the long run. After all, a game app not making enough dimes is a failure, so you need to plan the monetization well in advance. 

Now when it is about deciding the appropriate monetization method, you just need to research well, and you can easily find the ideal monetization that other successful games of that genre opted for. Some game apps make good revenue through in-app ads, while some just find it right to opt for gated features or the Freemium model. The chosen monetization method depends on the target platform and game development budget. 

Insist on iterative development 

Sometimes you build a game app by putting all your resources and efforts only to find that it doesn’t work well for the target gaming audience. Now, as a necessity, you must go through a series of course corrections, further draining resources while not really making an immediate impact as the launch failed. 

Learning from such a mistake, game developers these days prefer incremental development by accommodating small iterations and making a roadmap comprising several iterations and updates based upon the feedback of the players. Initially, launch a basic game app with key features and gaming experience attributes. Then, based upon feedback, bring changes and value additions over time. 

Bring in social gaming impact. 

Most game apps now heavily rely on social media integration to create buzz, reach out to new audiences and create a sense of community around the game players. Thus the concept of social gaming is born. Players do not just stop by sharing their scores on their social profiles; they invite social contacts, post gaming videos on social channels, and chat while playing the game. 

No wonder game apps became the new extensions of social media platforms and one of the most effective mediums to create buzz and develop the gaming community. Your game app should take advantage of this burgeoning medium irrespective of the category and niche. 

Don’t underestimate the sound effect. 

Listen to the successful game blockbusters across every app market, and you will realize that they do not just feel great but also sound awesome. A game’s sound effects should be distinct, just like the game graphics, so players can easily associate them with the respective game title. This is why it is always advisable to create custom game music instead of just incorporating sounds and music effects from various sources. 

Test it like a pro 

Last but not least, you need to give extreme importance to game testing. There cannot be a more frustrating thing than experiencing a crash when the player is just playing his best. The game app should be tested rigorously for loading speed, gaming experience deviation across devices, graphic output on different screens, and non-responsive UI elements and features apart from crashes and similar major glitches. Every single element before release should be perfected through rigorous testing. 

Summing It Up 

Did we really say anything new other than what successful game developers always knew? Presumably not, and it is because the core principles of game development success over the years almost remained the same. When you make these basics right, the game app will at least not be dumped in the heaps of oblivion.

Author Bio:

Will Ben Sims
Will Ben Sims is CEO of Cerdonis Technologies LLC – A software development company that provides a wide range of app development services. Will ben and his team have developed a number of mobile application solutions for various business. Apart from his professional life, Will ben is very good at playing rugby.Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/will-ben-sims/

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