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These Interior Design Trends Can Still Be Your Favourite In 2022

The monotonous and impersonal look that has dominated influencers’ feeds for the previous few of years must leave in 2022. Maximalism and traditionalist-inspired embellishments have unquestionably eclipsed minimalism and open floor plans, even though it is still too early to declare whether they are fully gone from the scene. Shades of brown have also taken the place of the neutral colour scheme, but experts still seem to favour earthy tones.

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But it wouldn’t be inaccurate to state that a lot of the top interior design fads from the previous year appear to have survived till 2022. These fashions not only survived, but they also developed by accepting flaws and emulating the harmony of nature. Interior designers are becoming more aware of the need to create a setting that is both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for the mental wellbeing of its occupants as we reach the third year of the global pandemic.

This year, functionality and practicality have taken precedence, therefore we’ve compiled a list of home décor trends that will still be popular in 2022.


If you focus too much on having everything appear flawless, decorating your home can be a difficult process. Working within the constraints of what you have is the greatest approach to make the process fun. You should also recognise that interior design is not just about aesthetics.


In 2022, grandmillennial design will continue to be trendy.

A growing trend is the Grandmillennial design movement.

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Pleated lampshades, embroidered pillowcases, quirky carpets, and mid-century modern art that evokes nostalgia and fosters a cosy atmosphere are still in style. After millennials grew tired of the bare walls and Scandinavian-inspired furnishings that were formerly thought to be standard, this interior design trend gained popularity. People naturally want to create a space that represents their personality and makes them feel comfortable because many of us spend more time indoors than ever before.

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Using gorgeous plants to decorate your home and natural elements in your design, 2021 was all about bringing the outside in. Since this trend is still going strong in 2022, it is not unexpected that not much has changed.

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No matter if you live in a house or an apartment, adding a few potted plants to your living room and bedroom can brighten the decor while significantly enhancing the indoor air quality. Aloe vera and snake plants are two examples of succulents that thrive in regions with indirect sunlight, so you can put them nearly wherever in your house without worrying about them dying. Meanwhile, think about adding a couple Monstera Deliciosa plants to your favourite room in the house to make it look like something straight out of an interior design magazine.

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To create an earthy atmosphere in your house, include plants and organic materials.

While earthy tones are still very much in, neutral walls are out.

Additionally, an earthy colour scheme complements natural-inspired surfaces and furnishings beautifully. Additionally, woven and rattan furniture, another trend from 2021 that is still popular today, looks fantastic against a dark or light brown background. If you are concerned that this colour would come out as a little plain, then adding some touches to your décor or putting a plant in the room will have a dramatic effect.


Similar to last year and the year before, functionality will be a key component of design in 2022. Our living rooms will continue to serve as both our home offices and living spaces because so many people work from home. Large open-plan kitchens and walk-in closets will serve a dual purpose by giving homeowners a place to set up their improvised workstations.

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Drawing rooms are likely to become less formal and living spaces will appear busier as people spend more time indoors. Multi-functional rooms will be popular this year as well, from adding extra bookcases to the walls of the dining room to installing workout equipment in the bedroom.

Among the best interior design ideas for small homes are rooms with dual purposes. To divide a space into smaller areas and offer more seclusion, you may also buy a folding bamboo screen or hang a braided jute curtain.


If you’re wondering how to design your house without going overboard, you could think about starting from scratch in each area and carefully layering various objects and materials. Maximalism and strong accents will still be in style in 2022, so you might want to experiment with different colours and textures while decorating your home.

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One of the most essential components of any room is the flooring. You must make sure that the flooring you choose properly compliments the walls in order to have a nicely layered aesthetic.


Create a space that is distinctively yours by fusing current design features with old furniture.

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The subject of sustainability will still be prevalent in 2022’s home décor trends. Vintage furniture is now a staple in most houses as the Grandmillennial style is gaining popularity. You may practise sustainability in your interior design by incorporating these classic, used items. Purchasing these items is excellent for the environment because no fresh resources are utilised in their production. Additionally, it will probably be less expensive to buy an old or lightly used piece of furniture than a brand-new one.

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Last but not least, it is anticipated that brass fixtures would remain fashionable well into 2022. This rustic metal blends in beautifully with traditional, modernist, and even minimalist interior decor. Brass hardware for faucets, doorknobs, lighting fixtures, and cabinets is durable and reasonably priced.

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Additionally, you may combine this material with chrome and black metals to create a unified and opulent appearance.

The new year is all about white and brass, whereas 2021 was the year for gold and brass. The two colours assist you rapidly update your living environment in addition to producing a striking contrast.


Do you need some original interior design inspiration? If so, think about using maximalist wallpaper designs to spruce up your house.

For the uninitiated, maximalist home décor emphasises brilliant hues, varied patterns, and rich textures, moving away from the simplicity and sparseness of minimalism. One of the top home decorating trends for 2022, this fashion enables home owners to combine various styles and items that appear to be out of place to provide a seamless and polished appearance.

Decorating your home with maximalist wallpapers is the way to go, whether you have a penchant for striking floral prints that inspire feelings of positivity and contentment or prefer large-scale geometric patterns for a rich and chic appearance.

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