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Tips and Recommendations How to Enjoy Your First European Music Festival


Music Festivals are one of the main reasons why we love summer. Enjoying the chilly breath of air while standing in front of the huge illuminated stage, where our favorite artists are giving their maximum to make us feel special. And we go through loads of emotions and we might have some tears of happiness. But one thing that we know for sure is that this experience and feelings will stay with us forever. Sounds amazing, right? – You bet it is. Especially after festival-less Pandemics there is a high chance that you might want to attend one. In this article we will provide some of the best recommendations how to enjoy your first European Music Festival, while capturing every moment of it on your memory tape.


Why Do We Love Music Festivals?

If you have ever been to Music Festival, then you have most certainly experienced the excitement and happiness of being around thousands of people with the same intention – to have as much fun as possible. Indeed, attending our favorite artists’ concerts is one thing, and enjoying the entire vibe of the festival with different type of fun activities is another thing. But why do we love music festivals so much?

Well, first of all we get to listen some of the best music non-stop. What makes music festivals so much better than just solo concerts is that music never stops. Once one artist is done with their performance, another one starts right away. At big music festivals we even have several stages of different genres so we can enjoy different types of music according to our preferences and mood.

Music Festivals are great way to explore new artists. While we all want to listen to legendary bands like Metallica or Red Hot Chili Peppers, most of the music festivals give a platform to young bands and newcomers. This is a great chance for them to glow and even better chance to discover them while they are still not that famous. Fun part aside, you get the ultimate bragging rights that you have been following the certain band since they performed for the first time.

Festivals also help us to socialize, meet new people and make friends. Well, this is very much true. Even little small-talk in the beer line can become the starting point of a good friendship. And what can be better than that?


Tips and Recommendations to Enjoy Your First European Music Festival

While Music Festivals provide ultimate fun, sometimes it can go completely wrong for you. You might miss your favorite artist while waiting in the line outside the venue or lose your belongings. To avoid such developments, we have combined several tips and recommendations that will help you to get maximum from your experience and enjoy the festival to its fullest.

Always Show Up at the Festival Several Hours Before Your Favorite Artist Performs

Usually, big festivals have more than 50,000 attendees on a daily basis. This means one thing: The line outside the venue can be super long, resulting in missing some part or the entire show of your favorite artist. And this is the worst thing that can happen to you. In order to avoid such heart-braking situations, make sure that you go to the venue several hours before the show starts. This way you will be sure that you secure the front row near the stage. Plus, you will have extra time to walk around the venue and see what’s where.

Get a Map of the Venue

As mentioned already big festivals like Coachella or MadCool have several stages. Having the map of the venue will help you to navigate between the stages so you can easily hop off one stage and see the other one.

Always Have a Charger with You

You are at the festival and it is natural that you will take dozens of pictures and videos. Such activities will drain your battery very quickly, especially in Summer, when your screen brightness is at its maximum. If you don’t want to stay without a phone, always have a portable charger with you, so you can be sure you will record some of the best moments of your life.

Never Take Valuables at the Festival

Remember you are at the festival to enjoy, not to show off. No one, except some pickpockets, cares about your golden earrings and bracelets. So, if you don’t want to get robbed or just simply lose your valuables, leave them at home. Rammstein sounds the same with or without your most expensive necklace around your neck.

Always Check Whether You Can Buy by Cash/Card/Bracelet

Taking advantage of this will save you a lot of time. The time that you can spend with your friends or in front of the stage. If the festival accepts cash and card payments you are good to go. However, most of the festivals have their own payment method through bracelets. Usually, you can top up the bracelets online before the festival or at designated areas at the festival territory. Don’t be lazy and top it up before you show up at the festival. You don’t want to lose your valuable time twice: First in the line of bracelet top up and second in the line of beer or food.

Always Check Out Entry Regulations of Specific Country You are Visiting

If you plan to travel to another country for music festival, it is better to check their entry regulations. For example, in Europe you will need to apply for ETIAS Visa Waiver from 2023. To avoid some misunderstanding at the border, it is better to have everything sorted out before you take your flight.



Music Festivals are ultimate fun. Not only they give us the dream performances of our favorite artists but they also provide huge vibe that follows us even after the festival. And of course, thousands of pictures, videos and stories that we cherish even more with the passage of time. If you are attending the music festival for the first time in your life, make sure to consider these tips. It will help you to enjoy your time and create ever-lasting memories.

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