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Tips to become a better web designer

Looking for ways to better yourself as a web designer? Here are some tips that we have put together to guide your creative growth. Even if you are just a beginner in your journey as a web designer or have made countless websites, you can always have something to improve. So use these tips when you are choosing your Indianapolis web design company.

1. Avoid hectic color schemes

There are so many amazing shades and hues out there so it is easy for us to go out of control with color. We all know bright & bold color schemes are the designer’s privilege to use, but when you use a lot of colors close to each other, the visual noise which is developed overpowers the web design. So, ensure that you stick with a simple color palette and neutral background colors. A neutral background makes elements of color like colors on call to action, menu elements & design elements be unique & get them the attention they actually deserve. So, sometimes you can go well with a toned-down background.

2. Put some sense into the images you include

The photos that you integrate into the web design would have a gigantic impact on the look and feel of a website. Poorly clicked images with the blurry focus can make the impact disappear of the most brilliant web designs as well. Generic stock photos can pull out the joy from a website, which makes it bland & not interesting. Incorporating high-quality images is a really simple way to impact your web design positively. There are a lot of options in terms of stock photos if you are planning to integrate stock photos. But do not just simply put them as they are; ensure that you crop & edit them. Use filters, see the saturation, modify the warmth, increase the contrast, and use other techniques to make the images fit better in the web design.

Also, make sure that whichever image you have chosen, it should also fit the context of the content they are going with. If the photo cannot relate at all with the section, it is being placed next to, you might need to find one which has more relevancy with the content. In the end, pay a lot of attention to the kind of file types you would be using. You should know the difference between a JPG & a PNG. As the type of file image also has a huge impact on web design.

3. Learn about SEO

We all know you did not get bothered by Search Engine Optimization when you engrossed yourself in the art of web designing. But you should know how you put together a website can greatly impact SEO. As a web designer, you need to know some stuff about search engine optimization, which includes –

  • How you need to properly incorporate header tags like <h1>, <h2> & <h3>
  • How the specific part of a link that recognizes a specific page which is a slug, can influence organic search rankings
  • Check how to optimize images to speed up loading times and lessen the bounce rate, which is the percentage of visitors who view one page on your site only and then go away without taking any actions

4. Use responsive design

There are a lot of devices that are out there with different screen sizes. No matter how anyone is getting access to your web design, they need to provide a similar experience no matter what is device it is being viewed on . Instead of putting a lot of effort into complex animations & effects that might not even work on every device, spending that much time increasing & improving the UI & UX for everyone who would be viewing the website.
The guideline of responsive design emphasizes that your website needs to be user-friendly and provide an optimized experience across all mobile & desktop devices.

5. Keep typography consistent

Whenever we sit down to read a book, we expect each page to have a consistent sense of order. The text would be the same size, with the same spacing, and follow through the same repeating format. This consistency helps us in keeping engaged and providing an uninterrupted experience.

In the same way, the typography in a web design also needs to be consistent and have a sense of order. Header, body text, links and text needs to have the same pattern and styling from the start of the page till the end. Also, padding, size, line spacing, and weight should also be the same for a kind of content.

6. Keep a check on diversity and inclusion in mind

People who would land on your home page would come from different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, ages, and genders. Being a skilled web designer means generating a welcoming experience for every kind of user. Whenever you choose photography, make sure to choose people from different situations in life.

7. Define who you are as a web designer

It is not uncommon for web designers to have many skills, consisting of UI, UX and other instances of web creation. A web designer rarely has a concentration level when working on various projects. However, due to many design aspects, it is an impossible task to be an expert at everything. So designers need to pursue those aspects of designs that actually excite them and seem interesting to them. Skilled designers know that having specialties would help them in gaining more clientele. Being an expert at what you do is what will set you apart from others. Defining yourself as a web designer also expands to your own aesthetic. Make sure to hold a design voice that is your own only. Knowing who you actually are as a designer makes it simpler for you to work on projects which include your interest and the people you would want to work with.

We hope you liked these tips to become a better web designer. Make sure to use these tips when hiring a website design Indiana.

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