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Tips to train Your Dog With 5 Basic Commands

It can be difficult initially but it’s an extremely rewarding and beneficial experience that is advantageous for you both. It will aid in strengthening the bond between you and your dog, and it will ensure that when you’re out and about , you’ll feel confident in giving them the freedom they deserve.

It is possible to enroll your dog in classes for obedience but you’re not capable of completing them, don’t fret. You can teach your dog to master the basics in inside the privacy of your home. All you require is a few things that can be used to reward your dog such like treats, their favorite toy, or plenty of praise.

Training is hard to both you and them. In the end, all training can count toward your dog’s exercise routine and therefore it’s recommended to invest in an activity monitor for your dog, monitor the entire activity of your dog, to ensure they’re not taking in too much.

Like all training, it is essential to ensure the fundamentals are set This is why we have five fundamental commands to help start you off. Looking for cute puppy names. Huraeyyyyhhh!! We’ve got you covered. Try this dog name generator for instant names.

Tips to Train Your Dog


  • Cue 1 – Sit

This is an excellent starting point since it’s among the easiest commands to master. It’s also extremely useful since it’s likely to be among the commands you’ll use often in your everyday routine.

Take a treat into your hands and then place your body in the front of your dog.

Attach the treat to the nose of their child so that they are able to sniff the candy.

Put your hand in the air and instruct your dog to sit.

If they attempt to reach the treat or begin to move, just gently pull the hind legs into a sitting position.

While they’re sitting, sit down, repeat the command “sit.

If they obey the order ensure that you praise them verbally before giving them the reward.

Cue 2 – Heel

This command will teach your dog to walk alongside you, which is extremely helpful while walking them on a leash. While it can be more comfortable outside, if there’s more space, you can accomplish this within your living room as well. This method works best when you make use of a squeaky toy as a reward.

Attach your dog’s collar and leash on.

Be sure that you have your pet in a sitting position , and then take the lead with your left hand.

Keep the squeaky toy on top of the head with your right hand.

Begin walking and hold the toy in the front of you, while saying “heel”.

Attract your dog’s attention making the toy go squeak.

If they are distracted and begin moving ahead of you, walk straight away.

Reward them and hand them toys when they come back to you.

When you are standing still, request your dog to give you their attention for at minimum 30 seconds before beginning walking.

Repeat the process slowly increasing the time until you are able to reward them.

  • Cue 3 – Down

It can be difficult for some dogs to master however it can be beneficial as many dogs have trouble holding the’sit down’ position for long duration of time difficult. The down position is also a great way to help your dog stay calm since it’s a more submissive position in comparison to sitting.

Pick a sweet treat and then hold it tight in your hands.

Close your hand to the nose of your dog.

If they smell your hands, put your hand on the floor.

Your dog should follow you and say”down” after they have been in the correct place.

Let them enjoy the treats and make sure you give them plenty of praise.

  • Cue 4 – Stay

This may be the most difficult task to impart your puppy because dogs aren’t big fans of sitting still. Take it slow through a series of short lessons, when you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be able to apply it in all sorts of situations, like opening the door to your house or leaving your vehicle.

Request your dog to sit.

Hold your palm open and spread it before you.

Say ‘stay’.

Step back one step.

If your dog is content wherever they are, you can praise them and offer them a reward.

Repeat the processuntil you have increased how many steps you complete each time.

  • Cue 5 – Leave

Dogs are extremely curious and can explore things they should not. Therefore, it’s crucial to be aware of ways to get your dog to not drop or abandon something that may be harmful for them.

Place a sweet treat in your palms.

Place one of your hands close to the nose of your dog.

Your dog will determine if they are able to find the treat.

Simply say “leave it” and when they’ve stopped give them a reward from the other hand.

The next time, you should wait until they’ve moved away from the original hand before saying “leave it” and only offer the second treat after they’ve completely moved on.

After each training session, ensure that you end your training with the command that your dog understands very well. This will leave the training session with a positive tone and your dog is eager to come back to your training.

Do you ever worry about the recall of your dog? Do they always return when you make them call? If you’re not confident regarding letting your dog go off the leash, you should consider investing in an GPS tracker for your dog!

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