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TMT Bars Grades and Prices from Sree Metaliks

Are you looking for the best TMT bars in India?

Thermo Mechanically Treated bars (TMT) play an inevitable role in the construction of buildings, highways, stadiums, or any kind of infrastructure, etc. TMT bars are made with a mixture of dolomite, coal, and iron ore, TMT bars are made using a multiple-stage manufacturing process. Iron ore is converted into molten iron and molten iron is then converted to steel. After the thermal-mechanical treatment steel is rolled into reinforced TMT bars to increase strength and durability and made resistant to corrosion. 

TMT bars are available in a variety of grades like Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600. Depending on your purpose, you can choose from these grades. But another factor that will affect your purchase is the TMT bars price. A TMT bar price per kg will differ according to the type of unit you choose. TMT bar price list will keep on fluctuating as per market demands and some other external factors. 


The Cost of TMT Bars in India

Ever since the pandemic, as the global economy recovers, we are seeing a trend of inflation. The availability of raw materials, shipping and transfer costs, varying prices of fuel and energy, and the iron content in each bar affect the TMT bars price.

The amount of elongation of the bar determines the TMT bar price list. The price of a Fe-500D TMT bar is bound to be more expensive than a Fe-500 as the D in its name highlights a higher percentage of elongation and thus more use of raw material. 

SM Titan bar

Different Grades of TMT Bars Price

Every structure makes use of TMT bars. TMT bar’s best grade can improve your structure’s durability and longevity. While all TMT bars are made using the same procedure, they vary in strength and durability. Let us understand in detail the different grades of TMT bars and their prices from Sree Metaliks


  • Fe-415: Fe-415 TMT bars are the least expensive grade bars but they are strong enough to withstand the tremors because of the appropriate blend of tensile strength and ductility provided to them. The term 415 in its name stands for the yield strength power it embodies per mm sq. When erecting a structure, a larger number of Fe-415 bars gives the structure enough strength. Fe-415 bars are feasible for smaller constructions.


  • Fe-500: Fe-500 TMT bars are more versatile, stronger and more durable than the former and are best suitable for multiple-storey commercial buildings. Depending on the unit size, the TMT bar price for Fe 500 ranges from Rs 357 to Rs 5513. 


  • Fe-550: Often considered the best TMT grade bar, FE-550 is best suitable for large-scale structures like overhead bridges and underground platforms. It embodies the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. Fe-550 bars hold a greater ductile strength than the 500 bars. TMT bars are used for mechanical scaffoldings and marine constructions. The Fe 550D bars go through a long process of elongation and so they are chosen over the Fe 500 bars for certain projects. If you are looking for the best TMT bars, then check out Fe 550 D SM Titan bars by Sree Metaliks.


  • Fe-600: The toughest of all grades of TMT bars, FE grade 600 bars are reputed for their elasticity and anti-steel clogging properties. These bars provide the rock-solid foundation required for all kinds of projects. This feature of the Fe-600 bars makes them an ideal choice. Because they are excellently weldable, ductile, have better bonding strength, and have better corrosion resistance.


Sree Metaliks Premium TMT Bars Supplier

Sree Metaliks has a manufacturing facility at Loidapada in Odisha. Which is one of the best sellers of TMT bars in India. Their SM Titan bars are high quality and follow all the BIS standards of manufacturing. TMT bars’ price is in the range of Rs 380 to almost Rs 6,500 per piece. It also depends on the unit size. One of the best features is you can find a TMT bar price list on their website. Which is also available as per each state. They have a per unit price for different sizes and grades of TMT bars. 

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