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Top 5 Android Call Recording Applications In 2022

Today, android mobiles are an excellent example of smartphones. Most of our population is like to use android phones. It is easy to carry and use. People were limited to using digital machines to make calls and communicate with others. Now we use cell phones for several reasons.

But the primary purpose is to contact others. Many people like to keep listening to others’ conversations. But they didn’t do it well. Therefore, we describe the best android call recording applications.

Top best android call recording applications

In this article, we listed the top android phone call recording software. Every application is highly tested and helpful for users. Let’s explore the best apps that help you listen to others’ voice chats.


It is a mobile and computer monitoring tool. It helps you to find almost the activities of your targeted android phone. TheOneSpy enables you to view every movement of that person you desire to check while using a cell phone. It allows you to track android phones.

You can secretly view what the other person is doing. User access to the targeted devices and track the cell phones. Parents can use it to check their kids’ activities. It is also used for employee monitoring. You can remotely monitor targeted phones for others. You can record the voice conversation of others. Before it, you have to install the app on your device.


  • It tracks call logs
  • Catch incoming and outgoing calls
  • Record call conversations
  • It works in undetectable mode

Mspy app

It is the world’s best mobile monitoring app. you can use it to protect your kids. Even it helps you to protect your business by secret monitoring. It is packed with unique spying features. With this app, you can see others’ online activities. With so many features, call recording is best to listen to others’ voice chats. You can quickly get access to the targeted one and find what they communicate on call. It secretly makes a recording of calls. My helps you to record social media calls and notify you.

Core features

  • It remotely works to catch phone activities
  • Mspy can work in hidden mode
  • It can recover deleted files
  • You can record all incoming and outgoing calls

Ogymgoy call recorder

It is another call recording app for android phones. It is a reliable and straightforward app that makes sure you to about the targeted person. The primary purpose of this app is to record your calls and listen to them later. It enables you to track the devices that will allow you secretly catch their call conversation.

Performed features

  • You can automatically record incoming and outgoing calls
  • It supports mp3, mp4, and wave audio
  • It changes the audio folder

Cube call recorder

This app is built to catch the audio conversation of others. You can install it to listen to the others’ chats. But you have to get this app into your device. Then you are able to listen to their communications freely.

It enables you to record the audio conversation of anyone you want. It is noticeable that the cube called recorder works without knowing the person.

Features that help you

  • It always gives access to listen to conversations on your desire
  • You can record only that conversation that you want
  • It enables you to mark important calls and filter them quickly

HD auto call recorder 2022

It is one of the best business call recorders of the present time. It is considered one of the best apps in this age of tracking. You can get access to the device and come to an end with voice recording.

It gives you notification of all call recordings. It makes sure you know about your targeted one. You can get call chats secretly without knowing them.


  • You can automatically delete and record calls
  • Password protection of call recording
  • It enables to turn on the phone Mic
  • Get a notification after completing the recording


There are the best call recording applications mentioned. These all apps are thoroughly tested and valid for recording. But TheOneSpy is one of the great apps that helps you in the surveillance of your targeted person. You can easily install it on your targeted android phones. Then listen to call conversations of your kids and employees secretly.

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