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Health and Fitness

Top 7 Misconceptions About Live-in Companion Care

As adults age, they are more in need of assistance and help in their everyday tasks. This is when elderly companion live-in care is deemed most useful. But, there are different misconceptions and myths regarding elderly live-in care, which is why most elderly individuals try to steer clear of and avoid the idea of it.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the top common 7 misconceptions of live-in elderly companion care, before you head over to look for a private companion for the elderly near me in the UK.

Here they are:

Companion care is costly

A common reason why most people avoid elderly companion care is because of its cost. Most individuals think of live-in elderly companion care as being too costly, making it unaffordable for them.

But, let us tell you that this is a common misconception. Live-in companion care is, in reality, more affordable than other types of elderly care. This is because a caregiver will come in and live with your elderly loved one, and charge depending upon the number of hours they have to stay with your loved one. 

So, you will basically be in control of the cost of the live-in companion care. This is because you get to decide the number of hours the elderly caregiver will stay at your home and look after your loved one, rather than staying all day long (which would in turn increase the overall cost of caregiving).

The elderly will lose their independence

This is another common reason why elderly individuals try to avoid elderly care as much as possible- their independence.

Most elderly, as well as their family members, fear losing their independence once a caregiver comes in and starts taking care of them. They fear that they won’t be able to do the simplest things their own way, or even do what they please.

But, this is another common misconception of live-in companion care. A caregiver will come in to live with and take care of an elderly loved one. But, this will not make the elderly lose their independence. In reality, elderly caregiving can actually help elderly individuals maintain their independence. This is because a caregiver will only be there to take care of that particular elderly, and assist them in everyday tasks which they can no longer do alone, such as cooking, cleaning, dressing up, and so on.

Live-in elderly companion care will certainly make an elderly’s life easier than before. 

Live-in caregivers mean no privacy

Most families fear losing their privacy once an elderly caregiver starts to live and take care of the elderly loved one. Of course, privacy is one major concern in this case. But, hiring a live-in caregiver does not mean that he/she will now be part of every activity that goes on in the home.

This is because caregivers will only be present to do their job- which is to take care of and look after the elderly loved one. Caregivers also know the importance of privacy, which is why you and your family don’t have to fret over losing your privacy in this case.

To make things go more smoothly, you can set a schedule with your live-in caregiver, in case you don’t want them to be part of private family gatherings.

Caregiving is a temporary solution

Another misconception of individuals regarding live-in elderly care is that they think of caregiving as a temporary solution. But, what they don’t know is that with the right match of caregiver with your loved one, this will definitely be a permanent solution.

All you need to do is find the perfect match for your elderly loved one, with ample research and interviews. Plus, if you aren’t satisfied with your current caregiver, you can always choose to find another, until you find a permanent fix for your elderly loved one.

Caregiving is only for sick elderly

Many people think only those elderly individuals who are sick will require live-in companion care. However, this is another misconception about live-in companion care.

As adults age, they are more in need of help and assistance for their everyday tasks. These tasks can include pretty much any task, including cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, and grooming. This is exactly what elderly caregivers are here for.

Plus, loneliness and depression is another common fear of the elderly. As they grow older, they are more likely to feel alone and isolated. This can, in turn, lead to serious health complications, and can disrupt the elderly’s emotional wellbeing. So, a live-in companion caregiver will make sure your elderly loved one is free from feeling lonely or isolated, as they keep them fully occupied and accompanied at all times.

So, elderly companion care isn’t just for those who are sick. But any elderly individual can receive this type of live-in care.

Live-in companion care is not of greater quality than elderly care centers

Most people think of elderly care centers to be more upto the mark than caregivers who come and live in the home of the elderly.

But, what most people don’t know is that live-in companion caregivers are just about effective as elderly care centers are. Live-in elderly caregivers are responsible to look after the elderly individual, as well as other tasks such as cooking, cleaning, grooming, and even small errands.

Also, elderly individuals will be able to enjoy more customised care plans than in elderly care centers

Health care insurance does not cover live-in companion care

When it comes to the cost of live-in elderly care, most people think their health care insurance won’t cover it.

But, the truth is that most caregiving services, including live-in companion care. Are now partially or fully covered by long-term care insurance. In addition, there are a variety of other benefits and insurance. Policies the elderly can use to cover their live-in companion care service. For instance, veterans aid for veterans, attendance benefits, numerous life insurance policies, Medicaid programs, Medicare, and so on.

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