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Top Ecommerce Techniques Increase Store Traffic

Using the right eCommerce techniques for your small business can take your business to the next level of success. It can help you generate leads and sales without spending a fortune. But which ecommerce strategy can improve your ecommerce website sell?

According to studies, “by the year 2040, the estimated ecommerce website sales will increase by 95%. And also every year the ecommerce industry is growing by 23%.”

However, it can also indicate the high level of competition in e-commerce.

Therefore, to beat your competitors, keep customers and increase your sales, you need the right ecommerce strategies. We’ve put together some practical eCommerce strategies to get you started.

Top eCommerce Strategies for Attract More Customers

You should keep overarching elements in mind when running your eCommerce marketing campaigns. Consider this, and you will increase your chances of large results from your eCommerce business.

1. E-Commerce Strategies: Improve Search Usability

If your ecommerce platform keeps a record of analyzing the behavior of your customers’ searches, congratulations, you are the owner of a great ecommerce platform. These records help you improve your site’s navigation and search capability.

With this optimization, you are enhancing the user experience of your online store. And also, organize your store for your potential customers who know their requirements and want to browse your product to buy something.

Customers who know the perfect match for what they are looking for want to find the right information quickly. Creating a high-performance search is a key feature for your users because if users don’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll buy it from another store.

The second category is potential customers who want to browse the online store and compare items. They will use the navigation menus to move between product categories and pages. Organize the menu bar and categories into intuitive and easy-to-use sections to make their use seamless.

Your site’s search and navigation features must be well-designed and user-centric to be effective and help improve the overall customer experience of your e-commerce site.

2. E-Commerce Strategies: Optimize the Functionality of Cart

To prevent customers from abandoning their shopping carts, ensure that your shopping cart functions well and is easy to navigate. The way to understand weaknesses is often to analyze performance. Evaluate your analytics data to determine which stages customers tend to churn and develop ideas to improve them. Then use A/B testing to determine which solution has the highest potential to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Pay attention to the user journey during the optimization process. Clean the checkout page and remove distractions and exit points. This strategy will prevent any confusion during the payment process. Many conversion studies have shown that the fewer clicks during checkout, the higher your conversion rate will be.

3. E-Commerce Strategies: Create Landing Pages

Using a landing page for any ecommerce website sell campaign or product is an excellent idea to improve the purchase rate. With the development of personalized landing pages with unique copy, your e-commerce business strategy will successfully increase the chance of attracting more customers willing to buy your products. Create specific landing pages for different groups within your target audience. Outline your buyer personas and use analytics to determine the general demographic segments you are targeting.

While developing a landing page, remember that your design is effective and attractive enough to convert visitors into customers. To solve this problem, you can develop your landing page with the best UX/UI experts and improve your page’s conversation rate.

4. E-Commerce Strategies: high-quality product Image and clear descriptions

High-quality product images and videos are essential to every eCommerce website’s selling strategy. These elements are essential for capturing the attention of your potential eCommerce customers. Outside the physical world, buyers cannot touch the product and make their purchase decisions entirely dependent on the product display and previous customers’ feedback.

Displaying highly visible thumbnails on the search results page will help users find the product they want with a single click and better understand ​​what you have to offer.

Keep product descriptions short and to the point. Avoid the fluff and create a comprehensive list of features and benefits. Your target customers want to know all about the potential purchase and how the product would help them and improve their daily lives, and keep this as a consistent theme in your eCommerce website sell strategy.

5. E-Commerce Strategies: Customize the home page

Personalization is a technique that records what customers viewed or visited during their last session on your e-commerce website and makes new purchase suggestions on each subsequent visit based on previous in-store experiences.

You can hire an experienced ecommerce web developer to design a functional website. They help you give all the facilities like a customized home page, easy navigation process, effective search bar, and so on, that can improve your customer experience. So, analyze your website performance now and improve your website before your business gets out from the competition.

Now back to the next ecommerce website sell strategy.

6. E-Commerce Strategies: Build email lists

If your eCommerce business strategy doesn’t include email marketing as a communication channel, you’re missing out on huge sales. Use opt-in forms, and donate something for an email address, such as a discount code or even a small gift. Ensure you earn the customer’s trust and never send emails without the user’s consent. Otherwise, you risk ending up in the SPAM folder, and no one wants to ruin their brand like that.

Include an opt-in box at the end of your blog posts or shopping guides. If the visitors liked the content you provided, they would be happy to stay in touch and receive information about news, discounts, and events and will leave their email. That trick can save your emails from getting into spam lists.

7. E-Commerce Strategies: Focus on Consistent and Unique Content

Content marketing is still the most effective eCommerce business strategy you can employ today. The advertising world is constantly changing; consumers try to avoid ads in many ways. With a strong eCommerce content marketing strategy implemented correctly, you can provide more value to your customers.

To do this, you must first understand your customers’ requirements, pain points, and customer journey. You must know your target market well, especially how they consume content and what kind of information they need, depending on each stage of their journey.

8. E-Commerce Strategies: Improve your Social Media Strategy

Your eCommerce marketing team’s social media strategy should tie in with your content strategy. This means redirecting your website content across social media channels as it will guarantee you a larger audience and increase your visibility.

In the B2C business models, the primary audience is the normal people, so you need a giant crowd of potential customers. Social networks like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok are usually best for an eCommerce marketing strategy focused on selling products. However, don’t underestimate the power of Facebook, as the social media giant has over 2.89 billion monthly active users.

9. E-Commerce Strategies: Implement user-generated content

The idea behind User Generated Content is simple: consumers post content (video clips, images, testimonials, reviews, and blogs) that is publicly available online through social media and other sites about your store, brand, or product.

Generated organic content can be a positive or negative experience with an online store or products. As part of your smart eCommerce strategy, UGS can help you drive more leads to your website because UGC is 2.4 times more likely to influence people’s purchasing decisions than influencer content.


These e-commerce strategies we have listed are just a small portion of the opportunities your business can use to reach more customers online. Each point in this article shows ideas that strategies can develop into working sales.

Analyze your website, test some patterns we’ve outlined, and give us feedback on what’s working well for your business and what you need to improve.

You can always contact eCommerce development company Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. to schedule a call with one of the best marketing specialists for in-depth analysis and any marketing tips and tricks that can successfully improve your e-Commerce website sell. The ecommerce marketing team of this IT service company have more than 10 year of experience in developing and executing highly effective ecommerce strategies. Visit the site now to learn more.

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