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Top Headless Commerce Development Platforms In 2022

Today, consumers have multiple touchpoints to access your online store and shop for their desired products. Traditional eCommerce websites aren’t fit to serve this purpose. Headless Commerce has become a new emerging trend in eCommerce development. This new approach provides numerous improvements over traditional eCommerce websites. It provides more flexibility and features and also enhances the user experience, making it superior to the existing online shopping platforms. 

If you want to build an online store with a headless commerce development approach, you need to choose the right platform for the best solution. You can look for the right headless commerce development services to build your website after selecting a suitable platform. 

Top headless eCommerce development platforms in 2022

Headless commerce offers great flexibility when it comes to creating an eCommerce website, as you can build multiple custom frontends to serve different customer touchpoints. Omnichannel and personalized user experience are the key benefits of headless commerce. You can go through the guide on headless commerce development for more benefits of this eCommerce development approach. 

A Complete Guide on Headless Commerce Development

Magento (now Adobe Commerce)

One of the top eCommerce development platforms, Magento is widely used to build advanced and complex eCommerce websites. It is hailed for excellent customizability and built-in features. There are two popular editions of Magento viz. Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce. Magento open source is absolutely free, and Magento Commerce (now Adobe Commerce) has many plans. You can easily find a reliable headless commerce development company to implement the headless approach for your eCommerce website. 

With powerful APIs provided, Adobe Commerce or Magento is an excellent headless eCommerce platform for building websites that offer a smooth customer experience across every channel and device. Magento development can be costly, but you can hire web developers in India for a cost-effective development process. 

Pros of Magento

  • Flexibility to create any front-end using any technology.
  • Ensures a seamless customer experience irrespective of technology as the same services and APIs are applied for every touchpoint.
  • Endless possibilities to integrate with other third-party frontend platforms.
  • Split the front-end and backend.      

Shopify Plus

It is one of the leading eCommerce development platforms with a large user base. Shopify Plus is a cost-effective and feature-rich eCommerce platform. You can set up your online store using this platform without requiring additional functionalities like hosting. It is a complete platform, with everything from managing your website to hosting it. 

You can utilize the headless development capabilities of Shopify Plus to build an eCommerce website with a decoupled architecture. The platform provides extensive functionalities that you can take advantage of, providing a multichannel and cross-platform user experience. To build a robust website, you need the right technology partner. You can hire a web developer in India to create your eCommerce website with a headless commerce approach. 

Pros of Shopify Plus

  • Shopify Plus backend is scalable, high-performance, and supports omnichannel selling.
  • It provides GraphQL Storefront API, which is suitable for creating fast and engaging storefronts for various platforms. 
  • Integrate with already available content management system. 
  • A single backend for managing different selling channels. 
  • Integrate seamlessly with third-party services like CMS, ERP, CRM, etc.

Final note

If you want to create an eCommerce website that can provide an excellent user experience, headless commerce is the best approach to pursue your project. It offers outstanding benefits and is suitable for user-centric websites. Headless commerce provides a flexible way to build websites and gives you more freedom in what you want to build.

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