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Treasury Shares: The Secrets Behind The Big Buybacks


Many traders know treasury shares by different names; some call them stock shares, while others as reacquired stocks. These are part of a company’s treasury funds and are available for trading in the market. 

Also, these have no record on the balance sheet of a company. Therefore, the shares can be traded in the market and kept as outstanding shares for future use. To learn more about it, we have a complete analysis. 

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What are Treasury Shares?

Treasury shares are the previously outstanding stocks of a company. The company does not issue the stock, and the company keeps it as savings for later use. Instead, they buy it back from stakeholders to issue in the market. 

When a company issues treasury shares in the market, the number of outstanding shares declines. That is because the shares are issued in the market by the company. Moreover, there are no outstanding shares with the company. 

However, the treasury shares are not part of the distribution of dividends. Also, they are not part of the earnings-per-share (EPS). 

Characteristics of Treasury Shares

Here we have the characteristics of treasury shares that make them tradable stocks: 

  • Do not belong to outstanding shares after the issue
  • Do not provide dividends 
  • Treasury shares have no voting rights
  • The company have restrictions on the buyback of treasury shares 
  • Regulatory bodies allocate treasury shares to be issued

Why Do Companies Have Treasury Shares?

Companies have treasury shares for various reasons. It depends on the needs of the firm and how they want to use it. Below are the reasons why companies have treasury shares: 

Increase Share Price

The primary reason for keeping treasury shares is to appreciate the value of shares. When shares are available in great numbers in the market, they have low value. So to improve the value, companies go for buybacks. 

It is a rare thing in the financial market that will gain more attention and value. Therefore, companies have treasury shares to restrict their number of shares. 

Reduce Takeover Threats

Another reason for treasury shares is the threat of takeovers by corporations. It happens in rare cases but is still a cause of the big buybacks. The treasury shares restrict the voting rights of the shareholders. 

So, in this case, the corporation may try to acquire as many shares available in the market. By doing so, they have a major part of the company. Moreover, with the buyback of shares, the company ensures its safety. 

Increase Capital 

Capital is the need of any company. With the treasury shares, the company locks certain shares for some time. That acts as financial aid for the company in case of capital need. 

The company can use it in future to meet their fund requirements. They can issue shares in the market and make money to fulfil their needs

Acquire Talent

The growth of the company is a top priority. To meet the needs of the firm, it acquires talents. They help to create strategies and contribute to the company’s development. Thus, helping to achieve the set goals of the company. 

To retain such talents, companies may offer a part of the treasury shares to them. It is like an incentive to the professional to be a part of the company and help it grow. 

Example of Treasury Shares

XXX company issues its stocks in the market. It issues a total of 10,000 shares in the market at $3 per share. After some time, the company thinks the value of its stock is below its intrinsic value. 

To increase the value of the shares in the market, the company decides to buy back its shares. So, it purchases 5000 shares at $4 per share. It keeps these stocks as treasury shares for later use. 

Hence, improving the value of shares in the market and, secondly, having treasury shares and capital for the shares when in use. A great way to trade in the market.


Treasury shares are not for the public. Also, they do not have a dividend or any voting rights. But, they are of great use for the company issuing. They can have treasury shares by making big buybacks in case the value of a stock is low. 

It improves the share value and provides the company with outstanding shares. It can be used anytime to appreciate the value and make funds. 

Although of little value, they serve a great purpose in the market. That helps companies to set up and work as a future tool for the companies. Moreover, they protect the company from takeovers. 

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