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Tretinoin: Your Complete Guide on Using It for Acne

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating acne.

While a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment from the drugstore may have little chance against your friend’s zits, it may not affect whatsoever on your breakout.

It may be time to make an appointment with your dermatologist once you’ve tried every over-the-counter cream, gel, lotion, serum, face mask, and even retinol, which is touted as the next best thing to magic for a variety of skincare issues, including acne. In addition to determining the source of your breakouts, your doctor will also recommend a treatment strategy for you.

Tretinoin is a topical retinoid cream that is sometimes recommended by dermatologists to treat chronic acne. You may also be familiar with tretinoin by its brand name, Retin-A.

The best way to decide whether acne therapy is right for you is to speak with your dermatologist, but we consulted two of the leading doctors in the field to learn more about things to think about before using tretinoin cream, including side effects and other factors.

Even though tretinoin cream is a powerful acne therapy, its effects won’t appear right away. While some people will need to wait a full year to get the full effects, it typically takes eight to twelve weeks to observe an improvement in acne.

Tretinoin: What Is It?

The quick response? A vitamin-A derivative is a retinol.

One of the most effective and thoroughly studied vitamin A derivatives (retinoids) is tretinoin, according to board-certified dermatologist Dr. David Lortscher, founder and CEO of Curology. It is regarded as the gold standard by dermatologists for treating acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.

The active component promotes skin cell renewal.

According to dermatologist and experts, “It is comedolytic, meaning it breaks down dead skin cells and oil-clogged pores.” It lessens skin inflammation, encourages skin cell turnover, prevents pores from clogging, and lowers excessive sebum production to prevent and treat acne breakouts.

Even though buy tretinoin cream is a powerful acne therapy, its effects won’t appear right away. While some people will need to wait a full year to get the full effects, it typically takes eight to twelve weeks to observe an improvement in acne.

How Do Dermatologists Prescribe Tretinoin Cream?

Dermatologists may mix tretinoin with additional topical or oral drugs, even though it may be the only prescription in your acne treatment regimen.

Dermatologists generally combine it with oral or other topical anti-acne medicines or use it as a monotherapy, according to experts, to increase the treatment’s efficacy. Some of these topical medicines have antimicrobial effects, like dapsone, benzoyl peroxide, and clindamycin. Salicylic acid and azelaic acid, two dicarboxylic acids, can also be used.

What Negative Effects Can Tretinoin Cream Have?

Tretinoin use can irritate the skin, just like using an OTC retinol.

According to experts, dryness and mild irritation are tretinoin’s most frequent side effects. When using topical tretinoin 0.1 Cream for the first time, some people may feel a little burning sensation. They may also suffer itching, dryness, and redness.

According to experts; there is no need to be concerned if your acne gets worse before it gets better during the first month of taking tretinoin.

She advises using humectant-containing moisturizers, including hyaluronic acid, to reduce discomfort from dryness. Additionally, sunscreen helps to lessen the UV hypersensitivity that some people may have when taking medicine.

Make sure you aren’t utilizing any skincare components that can react poorly with tretinoin; as this is an additional strategy to reduce the chance of irritation. Vitamin C, AHAs, and BHA acids should be temporarily discontinue until your skin has adapted to tretinoin, advises experts. Additionally, utilizing the drug does not require the usage of any other products that include retinol or retinoids.

Your skin will eventually quiet down, especially if you heed your doctor’s recommendations.

Who Wouldn’t Benefit the Most from a Tretinoin Prescription?

Although many skin types can benefit from tretinoin, physicians advise against using it if you are pregnant or nursing.

The topical form of retinoids is typically avoid in this population as well because oral retinoids are teratogenic, or harmful to the developing fetus, according to experts.

Tretinoin use may be problematic for people with sensitive, reactive skin.

As tretinoin can be drying and irritating, experts advises those with extremely dry or sensitive skin to start with a milder topical medicine and gradually increase their use of tretinoin.

Finally, according to experts, tretinoin shouldn’t use on skin that is sunburn, eczema-affected, or has open sores, cuts, or scrapes.



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