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Tuko Super App – Earn 60X More With Us Than Any Other App

Tuko App – Clear Your Doubts About Driving For Tuko & Earn 60X

Do you want to work as a part-time driver in London? Are you looking for a method to make some extra money? The possibility of a good wage and a flexible schedule is enticing, but carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages.

People want to work as drivers for companies like Tuko, which provide on-demand taxi services.

If you have a suitable vehicle, a smartphone, and a driver’s licence, you may work as a Tuko Driver in London and earn a lot of money. The applications will assist you with the remaining requirements so that you may begin earning money from this chance.

You’ll be picking up passengers who need to be transported and delivering them to their destination. You might be able to make enough money to turn this into a career if you achieve a high enough ranking in each trade.

Tuko On-Demand Taxi Booking App offers lucrative opportunities to the drivers like they can drive as an On-Demand Taxi Driver, On-demand Shopper, Black cab/taxi, Food Delivery driver, Private Minicab hire, Courier and Pharmacy delivery, etc.

The Benefits Of Joining As A Tuko Taxi Driver?

You get paid in cash

The customers can pay you with cash, credit card, or Tuko Wallet. When consumers pay you in cash, offer them their change in the form of Tuko wallet Credit if you run out of change. Saving you time at no additional expense

Do both – Taxi and Delivery

When you register as a taxi / delivery driver, you will be able to work as both a taxi and a delivery driver. This translates to greater money with no further expenditure. You can do Delivery when there are less rides available, and vice versa. 

Tuko London App may also consider you for on-demand shopper work, in which you shop on behalf of our customers for a fixed price. This translates to more money.

No monthly fees

There’s no risk because you only pay when you earn. You just have to pay commission for each job you complete. You can be your own boss.

Long-term contracts

Get long-term contracts with your favorite consumers on a regular basis. By way of your rating.

Free training online

The app will walk you through the procedure step by step online, and we have a support team to assist you.


Tuko App gives you the chance to earn 60 times more than other apps. Share your App invite code with family and friends to earn more money. Every time you buy services or items, you get paid a commission.

What Type Of Taxi Jobs Does Tuko Offer?

Taxi rides on demand and jobs that have been pre-booked in advance. Tuko Taxi Services offer taxi hailing functionality for black taxis. You can even book jobs up to six months in advance. ,

Simply go to Bookings in your App and select Orders to see any pre-booked jobs so you can plan ahead of time what jobs you’ll be completing and how much they’ll cost.

How Long Does It Take To Sign-up?

It simply takes 5 minutes to fill out the form. Following that, you’ll get a 15-minute online training. Tuko Taxi App will ask you to provide your original documentation at our office.

The app will accept your application remotely in select cities if you give us with all of the required papers.

Can I Work For Other Taxi Companies Even Though I Am Registered With Tuko?

Yes, the Taxi-hailing Services recognize your ambition for financial independence, and the tuko app is your Tuko Taxi Appalth-building instrument. Tuko can be used in conjunction with other apps. Thus On-Demand Taxi Services offered by Tuko allows their drivers to work for other taxi booking companies. 

How Much Do I Will Get Paid By Tuko?

There are no monthly costs with us, so you only pay for completed excursions. Depending on your city, we normally ask for 10% to 15% of the total ride charge. We can provide you with additional information if you contact us.

About Tuko Taxi App

Tuko is a new super app that provides inhabitants of London, Edinburgh, and the United Kingdom with on-demand multi-services. On-Demand Services such as handyman, painting, plumbing, electricians, dog walkers, baby sitters, salon/beautician on-demand, and so on are included. It also offers Store delivery – food and groceries – where customers can place orders and have goods delivered to their door.

Tuko will always benefit you whether you are an individual, a service provider, or a retail owner. Residents of the United Kingdom, Jamaica, and Kenya can download this On-Demand Multi-Services App from the App Store/Play Store.

Carl Jackson

Book Professional On-Demand Services Using Tuko App In Few Steps.

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