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United Airlines Change Name

United Airlines became a member of the flight travel family in 1926. However, it took five good years to commence its functioning; it made sure to provide the most desirable experience to people. Today, people travel to almost 300+ international and national locations with United. The airline manages all its major operations and manages all its hubs from its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

We people often have the habit of making mistakes, and United Airlines understands it. There are times when you can misspell your name and do not know what to do about it. For situations like such, you have United Name Change Policy. This is a set of rules and regulations that a passenger can consider to go through the process smoothly.

If you are new to this and have no clue about it, you are at the right place. Here, we will not only talk about the policy but will also bring to your attention the process of editing your name. Let’s begin without any further ado.

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Know About United Name Change Policy

Before we get into the process of United Airlines Changing Name on Ticket, let us first understand its consequences and whether the airline actually allows what you are planning.

According to the policy, a traveler of United Airlines can only make a free correction once. In case you need to do the alternations for the second time, you will have to bear a penalty for the same.

  • Make sure the name on your ticket matches the name on your photo identity. Unless it does, the airline won’t let you board your flight.
  • You can make the following changes to your flight name:
  • Edits in the first name spelling
  • Correcting the spelling of the surname
  • Switching a nickname to the original name or vice versa
  • Editing the title or prefix
  • Altering the middle name’s spelling
  • Correcting inverted first name and surname

You do not need any legal documents for these changes and can do them by yourself online.

There are a few situations when a traveler needs to present legal proofs for the edits they are requesting. They are:

  • Divorce agreement in case you wish to change the last name entirely
  • Marriage certificate to avail of United Airlines Name Change Marriage service
  • Remember to present your old as well as new photo ID to make the process easy and fast.

How to Make United Airlines Change Passenger Name
Alexander Pope once said, ‘to err is human,’ and indeed, he was right about it. We all make, and here you are going to learn how to reverse one of those and perform United Airlines Change Name on Ticket.

Technique 1: Via Affidavit
There is a huge possibility that you do not have the legal documents ready but need to make the changes to your name legally. If so, then you can instead proffer an affidavit to the airline.

Get your notarized papers prepared, make a copy of those for yourself and send the original ones to the following address:

  • Center of Service for MileagePlus
  • Postal Code 1394
  • 77251-1394 Houston, Texas

Technique 2: From Official Website

  • The fastest and easiest way to make the spelling corrections is from the United Airlines website.
  • On your browser, go to www.united.com.
  • After that, look for the My Trips option and click on the same.
  • Furthermore, you need to put in the last name that you have on your ticket currently and the confirmation number of your booking.

Thereafter, hit the Search button, and you will have the ticket details on your computer screen.

In the following window, you will need to locate the change option and select the name.
Go ahead and make the necessary edits to your United Airlines booking and then save the changes.If you are liable for any charges, you will have to clear the payment right there.

Technique 3: Over a Call

If you are unable to go ahead with United Airlines Change Passenger Name procedure, then you can get in touch with the experts, and they will do the task for you.

  • Firstly, pick up your phone and dial Flightaura customer services contact number.
    Once the call connects, choose the language you are comfortable to continue the call in.
    Thereafter, select the services that you need to avail yourself and hit the key on your dial pad that connects you with a live representative.
  • After that, your call will be put on hold for a while while we look for an available executive for you.
  • Eventually, when the call connects, you can ask for his help. He will make sure to proffer you the best services.

Technique 4: From the Airport

  • If you do not want to go through the procedure over a call, you have another option. The final way to edit your name on United Airlines Flight Booking is by heading out to the nearest airport. It is better to get live assistance from an expert rather than repeat the mistake.
  • Look for the nearest United airport and head to their help desk. A representative will assist you and take in your queries. If you need to make a legal change to your name, present your documents at the desk and inform about the scenario to the executive.
  • He will make sure that you get the right services and get your name changed according to the United Name Change Policy.

This blog is a complete guide to United Airlines’ name change policy, procedure, and more. You can avail of this service from the official website of the airline or can get in touch with Flightaura. We will help you and make the alterations you request. Get the error corrected and fly tension-free with United Airlines today!

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