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What are the mobile gaming trends available in the market?

Creating a profitable company and getting good results in the quickly growing market for mobile gaming is more challenging than ever. Mobile gaming is unquestionably one of the most alluring and successful industries, and it is expanding quickly. The mobile gaming industry performed beyond the technical and financial standards and offered better opportunities for the business to grow in the market. There are numerous online gaming solution providers, such as GammaStack, who use mobile gaming trends to dominate the market. The future growth of mobile game creation is successful because there are already 3 billion online users involved in the market globally. 

Therefore, it is logical to predict that the future of mobile gaming will be innovative and promising. You can also understand the wants and behaviors of your potential game players. Learning about the game development trends connected to making a cutting-edge real-time strategy game can boost your skills and skill level. You will be able to deal with the dangers and difficulties in the gaming sector better as a result.

Statistics of mobile gaming

A glut of games is available for mobile devices. As a result, to get things started, here are some fascinating statistics about mobile games that will give you an understanding of how the market for mobile gaming is right now.

  • According to a report by GlobalData, revenue from mobile gaming is anticipated to grow to $272 billion by 2030.
  • By 2025, player spending on Google Play and the App Store will total $138 billion, predicts SensorTower.
  • According to Statista records, 40% of the population is involved in the industry, and approximately 3.24 billion players are involved globally.
  • By 2025, mobile games are predicted to generate 71% of Google Play’s revenue and 42% of the App Store’s, respectively, according to SensorTower.
  • As per Nwezoo reports, globally, 3.9 billion people used smartphones in 2021. 
  • Consumer spending on mobile games surpassed $116 billion in 2021, up 16 billion from the previous year.
  • According to Statista, Asia dominated the global video game market in 2021 with almost 1.48 billion players, followed by Europe with more than 715 million players.

Mobile game development trends to follow 

The following are some of the most recent trends in mobile game development:

PC-quality Expectation 

The first mobile games that were available to play were either novelty games or of really poor quality. Additionally, players anticipate these games to be free. These days, mobile devices come with strong processors and sharp displays. This places intense strain on game developers. These days, mobile devices come with strong processors and sharp displays. There are numerous production expenses. The good news is that a large portion of gamers who expect Triple-A mobile games are also buyers. One successful title is all it takes for a business to succeed.

Mobile Cloud Gaming

Unquestionably, when customers or clients turn on their computers, laptops, smartphones, or other gadgets, developers profit flawlessly. Gaming as a service (GaaS), or mobile cloud gaming, teaches us the best ways to live. Furthermore, subscription-based business models have a stronger impact and motivation on developers. Therefore, users who want to gain strength can play games like Fortnight, Candy Crush, PUBG, etc. with a player or players who have weapons so they can act swiftly and cunningly. After all, they can readily connect specific payment methods to a player’s strength.

Better Monetization Experience

People are sick of seeing advertisements all the time. Ads do more to ruin a game experience than anything else. As a result, a game developer must adjust to the needs of the gamers. However, game developers must not continuously run commercials. If players have enough time to enjoy the game before viewing an advertisement, they are more likely to boost customer retention. Of course, game developers shouldn’t solely rely on paid advertisements. They can combine it with an intrusive advertisement, though, to prevent gamers from quitting the game out of displeasure. “Rewarded advertisements” are a trend that excels. An advertisement can be viewed as often as the viewer wants. They receive a free diamond or another type of in-game cash in return. The player has a choice, which makes this advertising strategy effective. Players are in control because it gives them that feeling.

Increased Gaming Socialization

According to Facebook, 38% of new gamers in the USA enjoy chatting while playing games, and many are beginning to choose multiplayer or online options over single-player games. Mobile games are now more interactive due to the rise in social media use. The socialization of gaming is primarily due to the rise in social media usage and gamers. Adding features like guilds, social media connectivity, chat rooms, and other features is paying off for game makers. By providing incentives via the newest social features, marketers may take advantage of the sociability that comes with gaming.

Gaming with Augmented Reality

You might think of augmented reality gaming as a method of fusing auditory and visual elements into games, allowing players to watch and interact with the game’s visuals and information in real-time. For players to see, access, and play augmented reality games on gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and other portable gaming systems, certain well-known gaming solutions like GammaStack enable gaming with AR. The actual fact is that specialized headsets are not necessary for AR systems. A performing area is created utilizing the existing surroundings in augmented reality gaming, as opposed to virtual reality gaming.

Final Thoughts

More swiftly than in past years, the trend of mobile game production is predicted to grow.

According to a poll done in 2021, the global gaming market is expected to grow at a steady rate of 8.7% per year to reach $218.7 billion by 2024. The trends described above can help businesses prosper in the mobile gaming industry. Therefore, we can expect a rise in the number of gaming enthusiasts in the upcoming future.

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