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What are the pricing plans for Slack?

What is Slack?

If you’re not aware of Slack, it was one of the software firms with the highest growth rates and is credited with starting the product-led growth trend. It is essentially a platform for internal communication that enables conversation among staff members. Slack is much more than that, though. You may now interact with people outside of your business using Slack. It’s what Yammer failed to become or what Gchat may have been. Because it interfaces with so many other applications, Slack is a very sticky product. In addition to their primary communication platform, many businesses now utilize Slack as a notification hub.

Slack has mostly taken the role of corporate email. You may arrange all of your communication by setting up channels based on particular subjects, making them public or private. Slack will also retain all of your messages so that you can search through your chat and file history to easily access previous discussions and data. Because Slack has grown to be one of the most popular platforms among businesses, Salesforce purchased them in part.

pricing plans for Slack


Slack has a sizable free plan. It is preferable to sign up for the free plan if you have never used Slack in your company previously. Although there isn’t really a cap on the number of users, the fact that your messages won’t be preserved after 10K messages, there are just a few connectors, and file capacity is constrained is the biggest deterrent to utilizing it. However, if you’re unsure if Slack is a suitable fit for your company, the free plan will provide you with


Slack Pro costs $8 per month per user on a month-to-month basis and $6.67 per month on a yearly subscription, for a total of around $80 per user each year. Your whole communication history will be retained, which is a significant enhancement. Slack is not a fantastic tool for this, although they do have group video calls. Slack connect allows you to collaborate with people outside of your organization, which is a huge advantage. When working with vendors and agencies, this tool is wonderful.


Slack charges $15 per user, each month, for their Business+ subscription without an annual commitment. On an annual agreement, this cost decreases by 2.50 per user, per month, to $12.50 per user, per month, for a total of $150 per user. You receive everything in the Pro plan, but SSO and other security enhancements are the primary differences. You will receive superior customer service and 99.99% assured uptime with the premium paid above the Pro plan.


There are really two enterprise options, and the price for Slack enterprise is not evident unless you chat with a salesman, so we’ll go into more depth about them below. The Enterprise plan’s primary upgrades depend on the size of the company; it is intended for the largest businesses in the globe and businesses that must comply with regulations like HIPAA.

Slack Pricing – Enterprise:

Slack has two enterprise pricing plans. Only one is on their website. The one on their website is going to be for the largest organizations in the world.

One thing that is unique about Slack’s pricing is that

Slack Enterprise Select Pricing:

You might not be aware that Slack has a service called Enterprise Select that isn’t displayed on their website. It is comparable to the grid but is intended for enterprises that need the same level of security and compliance as the Grid plan but do not need to expand to the same degree (hundreds of thousands of seats).

For this package, Slack’s pricing begins at a minimum of 9 users.

Cost: $240 per user, each year; only offered with an annual contract.

9 x $240 equals a minimum cost of $2,160.

If you had 100 users, your annual cost would be 100 x $240, or $24,000.

Slack Enterprise Grid Pricing:

This strategy is intended for businesses that need sizes, such as the global IBMs and Amazon.

This plan’s price is similarly based on a yearly basis. The price per user, per year, is $384.

A firm would pay 50,000 x $384, or 19,200,000, for 50,000 seats. However, it’s probable that any business that required that many seats could reduce the cost. The first approach to reduce the cost is to commit to a multi-year contract.

Slack Pricing Explained:

One issue that is unclear when it comes to negotiating a contract with Slack is how to calculate the number of users you will require if your business is expanding.

Slack needs you to select a good faith number when signing up for an enterprise plan. This can be revised every three months to reflect any necessary changes to the good faith estimate.

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