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What is a RAT and why is it so dangerous?

If you regularly connect to your work computer from home, then you’re probably familiar with the magic of remote access. At the point when empowered, an expert or any approved individual can open records, download and introduce programming, or even move the cursor around the screen progressively. A RAT (Remote Administration Tool) is a kind of malware that is basically the same as genuine remote access programs, likewise called managerial devices.

The principal distinction is that a RAT is introduce on a framework without the client’s information. And it is not design precisely to provide technical support, work from home, or share files. Their goal is to steal data, hijack a machine, or take control of a device for all sorts of malicious purposes.

A RAT is make up of two parts: a client and a server.

  • The client is the program install on the villain’s machine. It usually has a graphical user interface with different control options.
  • The server is the program install on the victim’s machine; it is hide and has no graphical interface.

These are some of the remote access Trojans used by the cybercriminal community.

  • Cerberus – A favorite tool of hackers, it occupies approximately 7.3 MB of memory, so it does not represent a load on the target system.
  • CyberGate – Light and fast remote administration tool with a wide range of functionalities, contained in a small package.
  • BitRAT – Remote Access Trojan that can bypass antivirus software and email-based phishing detectors. Once loaded, it is capable of controlling the system through command and control servers.
  • Orcus RAT – This RAT variant assembles in less than 10 seconds, consumes approximately 15 MB of RAM, and does not create any strange processes on the target system.
  • NjRat Danger Edition – Possibly the best free RAT tool. It has advanced features, including the ability to stop on detecting specific processes, share the victim’s screen, disable task manager, and the inability to uninstall it.
  • PoisonIvy RAT – Allows keylogging, screen capture, system administration, file transfer, password theft, and traffic transmission.
  • Havex – This Trojan has been widely used against the industrial sector. It collects all kinds of information and then transmits it to the attacker.

Like most malware, RATs can masquerade as legitimate files and programs.

Criminals can camouflage a RAT in an email attachment (the usual suspects) or within a software package. A pirate video game or commercial application may be freely available on forums and websites because it has been modify to include this malware.

In January 2021, Zscaler ThreatLabZ discovered new instances of a remote access Trojan named MineBridge RAT embedded in macro-based Word document files designed to look like job applicant resumes.

Ads and compromised web pages can also contain RATs, but most security solutions prevent drive-by downloads from websites and notify you when a site is unsafe.

How do I know if my device has been infected?

As with other types of malicious software, it can be difficult to know if we have been infect by this type of Trojan. A RAT won’t dial back our framework, and programmers won’t offer themselves by erasing documents, or doing things like moving the cursor around the screen.

At most we will see a little drop in Internet speed, yet with current fiber rates of up to 1GB, both transfer and download, it tends to be practically impalpable. At times, it is feasible to be contaminate for quite a long time without seeing anything.

What can really be done?

Each sort of malware is intend for a particular reason.

Keyloggers naturally record all that we type, ransomware limits admittance to the PC or its documents until we pay a payoff, and adware shows commercials for benefit.

However, RATs are unique. They give digital hoodlums complete and mysterious command over the contaminated framework. As you can imagine, a hacker using a RAT can do some pretty nasty stuff.

Among other actions, they can steal files from an infected computer, steal confidential information, discreetly activate the webcam and microphone, capture keystrokes, obtain banking information and associated passwords, and spy on private conversations.

And there are still more.

Since RATs give hackers privileged access, they are free to alter or delete any files, wipe hard drive, install malware, etc.

Villains can also use a small home network as a proxy server to commit crimes anonymously, such as DDOS attacks, spam or Bitcoin mining.

Through a RAT, a cybercriminal can even control power plants, telephone networks, nuclear facilities, hospital servers, gas pipelines and other critical infrastructure.

Therefore, they not only represent a security risk for corporate and home networks.

Some countries have come to appreciate the power of RATs and have integrated them into their military arsenal.


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