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What is shared hosting? All you need to know.

Best shared hosting Service

Technical definition:

Resources present on a unit server utilized by different consumers, are simply put under Shared Hosting. One particular physically available data-server is made up of massive storage space, computing speed, enhanced networking and high-end basic system features which is then offered as a parent web hosting block to a number of users. The server configuration and allocation of resources is assigned separately to each  wordpress hosting end-user based on their requirements.

What is the need of shared hosting?

There are mainly two case recommendations when you will be needing shared web hosting plans. It’s either your website traffic is not huge; considering a decent, individual business-type and there is no need for much storage space, bandwidth, system specifications or you require a cost-effective hosting solution for your online business.

It is suggested to start your journey with shared hosting because with the passage of time, you will be flexible enough to understand what system specifications are needed the most for your website and can upgrade to those accordingly.

How does it work?

Imagine renting an apartment for your family of five, you require a decent space with multiple rooms and all accessible resources. The rental building you are going to be looking for an apartment accounts for as a data-server in web hosting. What a shared server charges you for different aspects of disk space, functional features are the same as putting out taxes, rent and other facilities provided by the host. It serves you in minimal amounts covering all the daily needs as long as you are stocked enough to buy your own property or in this regard a Dedicated server.

Hence your website data is stored on these particular system storage drives independently but on a shared server. If someone needs access to your web page, this data is transferred to that specific user exclusively. This process grants an optimized utility of servers because every website has different intervals for hosting their web traffic.

Does your business require shared hosting?

Let’s cover some of the pros and cons of shared web hosting to ease up your choice of selection in this particular hosting module for your business.


  • Economical 

A cost-effective hosting plan to save your wallet.

  • Low-Maintenance

Server data is managed completely by professional hosting experts leaving you hassle-free and focused on your sales.

  • Adaptable

All the flexible packages to meet exact features that your website demands.

  • Safe and Secure

Shared does not prompt interaction of your personalized information with other users. It is secure and kept only for your own preferences thus completely non-shared with other server-feeding companies.

  • Easy to Configure

In other words, a shared server requires minimum practical knowledge to set up your website for maximum effectiveness.


  • Limited Utility

Server customization is minimal as it is shared with a number of different users.

  • Possible Delay

There may or may not be possible server delays at some instances, again with a huge number of shared users come these perks.

  • Probable Threats

To avoid these likely risks of data malfunctioning on a server with tons of websites running on it, a hosting provider usually gets along with SSL certificates, CDN’s etc.

Why is there a price difference among hosting providers with the same services?

To some extent, this discussion is true and there are many web hosting companies that differ in price ranges with the same hosting packages compared to a cheap hosting provider. Then why are they charging us extra money?

The answer is reasonably simple, it is either that these have been in the market for longer duration, famously known or they treasure ‘expert technical staff’, guarantee support even in the unexpected hours.

Is it worth paying extra to Web hosting companies?

It is definitely better to assign yourself with a company that charge a little bit more for

high-end services. Before swiping that order in, educate yourself first by comparing different package details of hosting competitors in the market. Your choice of latest technology and advanced server features is favorable but with some extra bucks.

Website hosting company that continuously upgrades to better performing data centers, latest hardware features in a server and brings innovation to technology because it is considered as your investment in profit making. For long term growth and an increased business value, it is safe to pay these providers with additional charges.

For example, a company with NVMe web hosting performs 10x faster than a regular one but with few more coins.




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