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What Type of Custom Boxes Work Best for E-commerce Brands?

E-commerce custom boxes have always been significant for conveying diverse messages of your brand. Over the past year, this practice has become even more important than ever before. Here we will share the biggest packaging trends of 2022 and help you consider which ones to follow.

Popular packaging trends in 2022

Almost half of the year has passed. While there are many packaging designs that are carried forward from last year, some alterations have become more rampant. The right blend of box designs decides whether customers indulge in one-time purchases or become loyal to the business.

Below is our list of the biggest game-changing trends of this year so far:

  1. Ultra-basic geometry

Simplistic box patterns are gathering pace. Basic box appeal is on the rise. Customers want to see their online orders being accompanied by clean geometric patterns, sharp angles, and expressive color combos.

While the design may seem ordinary at first but when placed among other branded boxes, will look highly prominent and classy. It becomes easy for customers to get what the brand is conveying through the boxes including the brand image and branding content.

  1. Printing the brand name at the front or center

The focal point of the boxes is shifting drastically from the brand logo to the brand title. These normally include innovative font styles and printing effects to attract attention to the brand name. The texts form part of the box art and are effective in garnering immediate brand recognition.

The best part about this design is that when customers look at the boxes, they instantly memorize prominently designed brand names. If spreading brand awareness is your present goal then you must seriously consider this box trend. The entire design depends on typography to carry the brand’s aesthetic value.

  1. Color blocking the boxes

Even though color blocking has been in use for a while now, it was in 2021 that the design took a new turn. Modern versions incorporate creative color combos, textures, and diversity in block weight and dimensions.

Another differentiation is that in 2022, color blocking is more random instead of symmetric lines. In other words, it appears organic and real. Such a kind of design works best if you desire to excite customers with an energetic box appeal. Cosmetic items, electronics, and household products are usually packaged in boxes with color blocking. But you can go ahead and be creative in combining block colors for almost all product boxes.

  1. Flatter graphics

Today, customers place more importance on receiving a wholesome brand story. Pictures and graphics are apprehendable conveniently. These also add weight to the boxes by making them likable and instantly memorable.

Customization allows you to create any kind of illustration on the e-commerce custom boxes. It could be a cartoonish format or simple real-life images. Brands often make good use of graphics to communicate marketing and brand details to customers. Amazon has gone one step further to include third-party promotions using a range of creative illustrations.

Your brand can follow suit and bring down marketing costs by alternating between digital ads and using the boxes for brand promotions.

  1. Eco-friendly packaging materials

Sustainability has become a must for all retail brands. Especially if you are an online trader, convincing customers becomes vital from the very first contact. Single-use plastic is considered unfavorable for most customers. A recent market study reveals that as high as three-quarters of consumers are willing to pay more for recyclable packaging.

Apart from emitting a positive brand image, sustainable packaging materials also benefit total costs. These are cheaper to get and right-sizing can effectively bring down shipping costs too. As e-commerce continues to grow, there is a dire and growing need for smaller, lightweight custom printed shipping boxes in the coming years.

  1. Reduced printed content

Another packaging trend gaining popularity in 2022 is the use of fewer texts on the box covers. Brands either print on the box insides or divert customers to their online web portals. This way, printing expenses are reduced as well as customer expectation of cleaner box appeal is fulfilled.

Certain brands are increasingly adding handwritten welcome and thank you notes inside the boxes. It compels customers to reorder by giving them a distinct unboxing experience. Putting on QR codes saves on box space. It adds to the brand appeal by making life easier for retailers and customers alike. They can keep a track of their shipment while making it convenient to reuse the boxes.

custom boxes

If you are running on a tight budget, this trend is surely going to fit your needs.

  1. Clear texts

No matter how much info you decide to put on your e-commerce boxes, ensure that every word is printed using clear font styles and complementing colors that are visible against the background box shades. The recent pandemic has made it compulsory to display certain details on the boxes. E-brands use basic font styles to ensure that customers get the brand ethics right on point.

A good method is to evaluate if the content is readable from near and far. If your present boxes don’t support understandable messages then now is the time to shift to clear fonts and language.

Pros of adopting the latest trends

Some pros of using the above trends include:

  • It makes the brand trendy. Adopting new trends makes the brand appeal fresh and modern.
  • It helps to attract more customers. Trendy designs are more likely to grab customers’ focus than a non-trendy box design.
  • Some designs such as using the right-size reusable boxes control costs.
  • Customized e-commerce boxes make it possible to include new trends almost instantly.
  • Your brand can get the desired box quantity printed with the latest style. It makes it convenient to alter the box’s appearance as and when trends change.


By now you would be aware of the current custom boxes design trends apparent in 2022. With our fast services, you can get your ordered boxes within a few days.


Printingblue provides high-quality custom printed products at affordable prices and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are confident that no other company can match our quality and pricing for custom stickers, folders, banners, retail packaging and other printing services.

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