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What you should look for in an Online Assessment Tool?

We are aware that the whole process of searching for online assessment software and choosing the best-suited one for you is a tedious task. Hence, to help you, here’s a list of important features you should look for, in an online assessment tool.

Online Proctoring-

The online assessment tool should be able to conduct proctoring for the students attempting the exams located at remote locations. The system should reduce the requirement of invigilators as compared to the traditional examination method. Further, the software should be able to avoid all types of cheating practices, ensure student authentication and detect any books or inanimate objects around the students.

The online exam software makes use of students’ device cameras to take frequent snapshots of their activities during the exam. The system gives alert messages to the students and invigilators on noticing any unusual activity by the students. Further, it disables cut, copy, paste in the exam window and does not allow the students to open any other tab or browser during the exam period.

Automatic Evaluation-

The online exam software should eliminate the need for teachers to evaluate and score every student manually in every exam. The system should take care of the whole process automatically. This reduces faculty workload and allows the institutes to conduct frequent examinations in the institute as directed by various new educational approaches.

The online assessment software conducts automatic evaluations and scores the students based on their exam performance instantly. This process takes place as soon as the student submits their exams. The software also gives valuable feedback to the students based on their exam performance. It eases and digitizes the entire process of exam management in the institute using efficient and accurate resources.

Data Handling-

The online exam software should ensure safe and secure data handling in the institute. The exam generates large amounts of data from evaluation reports, student data, exam performance, activities during exams, and others. This data needs to be handled well so that there is no risk of any security threats or malicious attacks during the exam.

The online assessment tool makes use of cloud technology to store and process the data safely and accurately in the system. It ensures that it is easy to search and retrieve later. Further, the system uses AI technology to conduct data analysis on the generated reports. It helps the teachers and institute to make data-driven decisions.

Online Student Registration-

The online exam software should be able to collect student registrations for the exam in an online form rather than taking the details using pen and paper. The system should verify those documents and details with proofs like mark sheets, degree certificates, ID cards, and others. Further, the fees should also be collected online in the software using net banking, credit/debit cards, UPIs, and other mediums.

Ease of Use-

The online exam software should be easy to use for teachers and students. The teachers have to conduct various activities online such as creating question papers, sending exam invites, checking student data, and others. These activities should be easy for them to conduct as compared to the manual methods of working.

Further, the software should be accessible by mobile, laptop, tablet, or any device as per the student’s convenience and availability.The system should be accurate and highly intuitive for the users.


The online exam software is a one-time investment for several institutes. 


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