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When Is The Right Time for Home Loan Refinancing

Most homeowners look to refinance their existing loans when interest rates decline, as they have recently. Home loan refinancing is not always the best option, despite the fact that it might lower your loan expenses and speed up loan repayment. Without taking into account all of the fees, refinancing can cost more than it saves you.

What is a home loan refinance?

When you refinance your house, you pay off your current loan and take out a new one with better terms, including a reduced home loan interest rate. The same lender or a different lender may be used to obtain the new loan. The old loan has been terminated. The new loan’s borrower may begin making payments. The borrower will be able to increase their long-term interest savings with a loan that has more flexible payment terms.

When it is a good idea to refinance a home loan?

Reduction in interest rate

The majority of home loan borrowers transfer their existing loans from one lender to another for this primary reason. For instance, it makes sense to transfer your loan to another lender if you find one that provides lower interest rates in order to reduce the cost of interest and, subsequently, the EMI.

Most home loans have floating interest rates. When general interest rates decline, some lenders do not, however, lower the interest rates on their existing loans. You might discover that other lenders provide you with a better bargain for your current home loan as a result. You should refinance your home loan in certain circumstances to lower the total cost of the loan.

To switch from fixed rate to floating rate home loan and vice versa

There is a fixed and floating-interest rate for a home loan. The interest rate on a fixed-rate home loan is fixed for the duration of the loan. In contrast, the interest rate on house loans with floating rates varies according to changes in the overall state of the economy. Borrowers can refinance the loan if,

  • You are trapped in a loan with a high floating rate when the current fixed interest rates are low.
  • While the present interest rates on a house loan with a floating rate are low, you are stuck with a hefty fixed-rate loan.

You want to borrow more fund

Customers have the option of taking incremental funding (commonly known as a top-up) at the current home loan rates in addition to refinancing their loans.

Poor service of existing bank

If you don’t receive adequate service from your lender, you might want to think about refinancing your loan. This includes poor customer service, not issuing loan statements on time, slow in reacting to changes in interest rates, etc. 

Change in the financial position

There can be times in your life when it’s challenging for you to make your EMI payments. Alternatively, if your financial condition has improved, you could want to make larger EMI payments and pay off the loan earlier. Check to see if the lender can comply with requests for an EMI change in either of these scenarios. If so, you can keep taking out loans and pay the increased EMI. If the lender is inflexible, you can choose to refinance your house loan with a different lender who is more accommodating.

End Note

Refinancing a mortgage involves moving your outstanding loan balance to a new lender. It is quite helpful in enabling you to have better terms for your house loan than what you are currently offered.

However, you must make the transfer’s entire costs into account before choosing to refinance your mortgage. You can choose to refinance if the overall savings exceeds the cost of the transfer.


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