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When looking for Asbestos Testing Services NYC, Ask These 10 Questions

Asbestos Testing Services NYC

For New York City residents, the decision to get asbestos testing done might be frightening, but it’s one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If left untreated, asbestos may cause major health concerns and even death, so finding the correct Asbestos Testing Services NYC is critical. Before hiring or employing an asbestos testing firm, ask the following ten questions.

1) What is your background in this field?

It’s critical to select a firm that has worked with firms comparable to yours. If you own a restaurant, for example, you’ll want a firm that knows how the industry works and what exams apply to your business. Should inspectors, for example, investigate ventilation systems? Do special tests apply to various types of restaurants? These are the kinds of questions you should ask before hiring a firm. What kind of gear do you have? To do their task, many environmental testing firms rely on specialized equipment. Asbestos abatement, for example, is carried out using thermal imaging cameras and monitors to ensure that personnel are not exposed to dangerous quantities of asbestos fibers. This is only one piece of equipment used by several businesses; you must inquire about each one so you know exactly what will be utilized in your area during testing or cleanup initiatives.

2) How do you conduct your tests?

Is there only one asbestos testing method used by your organization, or are there several? Companies frequently utilize a combination of testing methods, such as a TEM (transmission electron microscope) for tiny samples and polarized light microscopy for large materials. However, other businesses will only conduct tests using TEMs, which are more expensive but provide more reliable findings. If you want to save money on Asbestos Testing Services NYC, look for a provider that only employs one procedure.

3) Have you been serving this area for a long time?

If you reside in New York City, you’re certainly familiar with asbestos removal services. (Asbestos removal in New York City is big business.) Make sure your potential consultant has been servicing your region for several years, ideally working with local companies and residents; some inspection firms are new to the market, yet they have no expertise with New York weather or humidity. Don’t be rushed into making a decision; if your community lacks asbestos specialists who can answer all of these concerns, go elsewhere. Even if it means crossing state borders or putting off hiring until the summer.

4) Do you provide expert advice based on the findings of tests?

If not, why should I choose your firm over another? Are you certified or accredited in any way? What are they, if so? How long have you been testing for asbestos and removing it? Do you work on commercial as well as residential projects? Even if I don’t pick your firm for future action, will my results be kept secret and confidential? Is there anything else I should know about asbestos testing that might impact who I hire for my project?

5) What should I do if asbestos is present?

If you have asbestos, you must engage a professional asbestos abatement company. These businesses are licensed by the state of New York and follow rigorous asbestos removal rules. When hiring one, the most crucial things to ask are how long they’ve been testing for asbestos, how many tests they’ve conducted, and what accreditations they have. Also, ask for recommendations from previous clients.

6) Do you have any legal advisors you can recommend?

One of the first questions you should ask a firm before hiring them is if they can recommend legal counsel. They won’t be able to help you no matter how skilled they are if they don’t understand how different areas of law function in practice. Assume you have any asbestos abatement-related disagreements. It’s vital to have lawyers on your side that have worked with asbestos abatement NYC businesses and can provide a strong case for you in this situation. Are you signed up? Every asbestos testing firm will claim to be certified and registered, but there are numerous variables to consider when choosing one. Ensure that their license includes asbestos abatement as well as any other associated services like as inspections and removals. You might be more confidence in their credentials if their license is more specialized.

7) Can you ensure that your results are accurate?

Precision is crucial. There are several factors in asbestos removal, and working with a contractor that isn’t forthcoming about his skills might be costly. Make sure your contractor says he guarantees his work. If he answers, “Yes, we can do that, but there may be some additional expenses,” flee as quickly as you can! Insist on a 100 percent accuracy guarantee.

8) Do you provide free quotations over the phone or over the internet?

Avoid companies who do not provide free quotations over the phone or online. Their business model is unfriendly to customers. Instead, send an email to request a free quotation. Simply hang up and call one of their rivals if they try to charge you before providing you a quote. There are several asbestos testing firms that will gladly provide you with their services at no cost! Just make sure the service is authentic first!

9) Do you accept credit card payments for your services (if applicable)?

Yes, you may pay for our services with a credit card. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are all accepted. Do you have any asbestos abatement experience? Since 1999, our organization has been involved in asbestos abatement operations.

10) Do you have competitive pricing and allow a variety of payment methods?

The first question you should ask is whether they have competitive pricing. Second, you must establish what payment methods are accessible as well as their level of experience. You can avoid dealing with a firm that doesn’t know what they’re doing or can’t be trusted with your money if you ask these questions up front. Finally, you should inquire about which of their services would be beneficial to your company, since different organizations will specialize in different areas, such as asbestos testing services NYC.

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