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Which is the Best Shampoo for Dry Hair?

In an age where environmental triggers, stress, and styling products have become integral to our lives. Dry and rough hair often follows as an inevitable result too. Some popular hair care issues are related to their appearance and some to their textures, but both are related to a lack of nutrition in the roots. For example, dry and frizzy hairs are a common sight nowadays. In this blog, we are mentioning some easy pointers you should know about reducing dryness by using the best shampoo for dry hair.

Who doesn’t want a healthier scalp and shiny tresses? Unfortunately, while some people are genetically blessed, we often have to go miles to achieve the hair of our dreams. Opting for shampoos that feature antifungal and antibacterial properties is often advisable. Such hair care products provide the required nourishment of fatty acids and oils to help fight dryness and dandruff. What you need to be sure of is whether the composition contains harmful chemicals or not. 

We have listed two sulfate and paraben-free shampoos below to help you shortlist the best shampoos for dry hair. These toxin-free hair care products are carefully crafted to nourish, heal, and repair the dehydrated hair roots.

What makes hair dry?

There are a host of factors that cause dryness, and weather fluctuations are one of the prime reasons why our scalp may become dry and itchy. To cover the negative effects of humidity and scorching heat and different climatic conditions, you should have nourishing hair products to reverse the damages. 

When a hair cuticle peels itself off, its layers start separating themselves from each other. In addition, the imbalance of oils and irregular sebum products in the scalp makes our hair dry and prone to damages like infections, flakiness, dandruff, and hair fall. Thus, it is important to lock the moisture and oils in the hair with proven moisturizing products.

 Some key tips to keep dryness and itchiness at bay!

  • Use a nourishing hair mask once a week

When it comes to home-based hair care plans, you cannot go wrong with the nourishment offered by Onion, Rosemary Oil, Milk Protein, Argan Oil, etc. The ideal way to provide this nourishment to your hair shaft is by using a moisturizing hair mask that is prepared with these ingredients. 

  • A healthy diet to the rescue

It’s time to upgrade your lifestyle with a healthy diet. You can add green veggies, curd, salmon, carrots, spinach, and eggs to your diet to reap the maximum benefits. It also means that you should avoid fast foods and cola drinks, no matter how strong the temptation is.

  • Avoid tying your hair too tightly

If you are a keen follower of every fashion trend and never leave your hair unattended, you should change your hair care routine. You should always go with a loose braid when sleeping and avoid making a high pony. It is advisable not to tie your hair too tight in a bun or pony, or you might be setting yourself up for frequent hair fall. You may also buy some scrunchies of satin fabrics because they always go gentle on hair.

  • Make a routine as per your hairstyle

Determining your hair type is critical as it decides how your hair will react to certain ingredients. Your hair needs cleansing, moisturizing, and nourishment of deep conditioning. So, go for sulfate-free shampoos, hair masks, serums, and hair oils. If you have a sensitive scalp, you should trust the tried-and-tested ingredients like Onion, Tea Tree, Argan, etc.

 To shortlist the best shampoo for dry hair, we recommend you also assess some other salient aspects of your lifestyle. They could be related to your dietary and sleeping patterns, and your preference for hair colors and heat treatment tools. 

Choosing the Best Shampoo for Dry Hair 

It would always be worthwhile to note that one can get the best results by feeding the same grade of nutrition that one’s hair roots are short of. We thus recommend opting for hair care products that are made of natural and toxin-free ingredients, and rank among the top 5 online hair care products in the UAE.

  • Argan Shampoo

Argan is often considered a star ingredient due to its ability to nurture and replenish hair strands. For years, it has been praised for extending its goodness to promote hair growth and replenish hair moisture. However, putting your trust in Argan-enriched products would be better to soothe dry and dull hair.

Mamaearth UAE’s Argan Shampoo has been one of the most shopped products in the UAE. It offers a mix of potent ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, etc. They help reduce hair breakage and frizz, restore the natural pH balance of the scalp, and protect the scalp from bacteria and fungus. So, rush to your pack of goodness and say ‘hello’ to a shiny texture.

  • Happy Head Shampoo

You can’t possibly go much wrong with this one if you are looking for a better solution to reduce hair fall. As its name suggests, this shampoo helps make your hair shinier and healthier. It comes enriched with Biotin, Amla Extracts, Horse Chestnut, and Bhringraj Extracts that offer antifungal and antibacterial properties. They also help keep dandruff and seasonal dryness away. 

Biotin is a special addition to this shampoo. It is a complex form of Vitamin B that helps hydrate the scalp and hair cells. It also helps accelerate hair growth in a hassle-free manner. Horse Chestnut ably assists it in stopping frequent and excessive hair fall and preventing baldness. No wonder, it ranks among the best shampoos for dry hair.

Summing up

We recommend choosing these safe and gentle hair care products to boost your home-based hair care regimens. Made of toxin-free ingredients, these hair care products would ensure you get the best experience while caring for your tresses. We also recommend you follow positive lifestyle habits and eat a nutritious diet because your hair roots would first derive their nourishment from there.

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